The Tyra Banks Show.

By Daniel McQuade
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FOX Reviewed by Daniel McQuade It's official, people. The fictitious Institute for Real Statistics recently crunched the numbers and, late last week, announced their findings: Tyra Banks is the worst person on earth.

One group of people will be surprised by this finding. They'll quibble with Banks' WPE quotient of 44.5 (an Institute record).Other people will say, "I knew it! I knew Tyra Banks was the worst person in the world!" Yes, that's right: They'll be so excited that they'll forget she was technically named the worst person on earth, not the world.

This latter group will be composed of people who have watched at least five minutes of The Tyra Banks Show.

Now in its fourth season, Tyra takes the guise of a talk show. Usually, hosts will talk to guests about their problems and perhaps even attempt to teach viewers an important lesson. Or they invite the KKK and the JDL (during sweeps).

Tyra is different, though, as each and every episode is about Tyra Banks herself. A show about busty women is all about Banks' chest. An interview with a celebrity guest will focus on how that celebrity knows Banks. If aliens attack the Banks set--and let's hope they do--she'll respond by signing their copies of her SI Swimsuit Issue cover.

An example: Earlier this year, The Hills' Heidi and Spencer (the girl who looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask and her boyfriend) went on Tyra and talked about how they wanted to adopt a black child from Africa and name him Dunk, explaining that because he was from Africa he would one day dunk a basketball.

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1. Jay said... on Nov 19, 2008 at 08:01AM

“This article is a disgrace! Tyra has worked very hard for everything she has. Nothing has every been given to her throughout her life. Her intelligence far surpasses.... HAHAHAHAHAHA Sorry, I couldn't finish that sentence with a straight face and I am typing a response. Whoever gave her a show understands how truly dumb the American public is. Bravo sir. Bravo.”


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