Skinny Minnies

By Aly Semigran
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It seems like only yesterday we were gawking in abject horror as a Crypt Keeper-like Calista Flockhart walked down the red carpet during the height of Ally McBeal mania. Flockhart, along with her female co-stars, received a shitstorm of criticism from the media and a worried viewing audience. Flockhart denied the anorexia/bulimia charges and opened the debate for skinny starlets.

It's no surprise that the same controversy is rearing its ugly head again. A few cast members from the new 90210, Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup, are being called out by concerned parents and the media for being too thin for their own good (and the good of the rest of the girls in America). Like Flockhart, they vehemently deny any eating disorders, but it's hard to believe them as rumors surface that neither weighs more than 110 pounds.

Granted, it's unfair to assume that these girls aren't naturally thin, but in an industry that glorifies beauty, viewers can't be blamed for thinking the pressures have gotten to the actors. This controversy is nothing new, but what would be refreshing is a big change from both sides.

If TV execs would get it through their heads that people want to see healthier bodies on the small screen--Ugly Betty is popular for a reason--there'd be less cause for concern. But it would be even more refreshing for these girls to own up.

Don't say you eat French fries and burgers in your trailer, because it's bullshit. Whenever Jessica Alba or Biel or any number of Jessicas claim they were so skinny and tall (boo hoo) and dorky in high school, we know they're trying modesty on and it simply isn't a suit that fits.

Just tell us you're in an industry that demands nothing less of you than size zero, and we'll have a little more compassion for your plight.

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