On the Telly: "The Pete Holmes Show," "Saturday Night Live" and "The Chris Gethard Show"

By Craig D. Lindsey
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Pete Holmes, host/star of "The Pete Holmes Show."

The Pete Holmes Show
Weeknights, midnight, TBS
Captive audience: Comedy nerds; Conan O’Brien fans and all-around weirdos.
Moment of truth: Pete Holmes is one hilariously gawky dude. And thanks to mentor/fan Conan O’Brien, the John Ritter-looking comic/podcaster has his own late-night talk show that follows Conan. And you know what? It’s funny as hell. Holmes continues his knack for getting laughs out of being both awkward and affable. He’s also quite the giggle-crazy interviewer, especially when he interviews his fellow contemporaries in the stand-up game. Even though he needs to do something about his wardrobe choices (he dresses like a Huey Lewis fan), I’m glad this goofball is on TV on a nightly basis.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy.

Saturday Night Live
Saturdays, 11:30pm., NBC
Captive audience: People who’ve stuck with this show for four freakin’ decades now.
Moment of truth: Since we’re about halfway through the 39th season of the late-night sketch juggernaut, now would be a good time to discuss how conflicted it’s gotten. The pasty-faced collection of new kids reminds audiences how scared shitless this show is when it comes to minorities. The hosts have certainly been a mixed bag, with some being willing and able (Who knew Josh Hutcherson could be such a reliable sketch player?) and some being, well, there. (Bruce Willis and Edward Norton asked to host again? Why?) Still, who the hell am I kidding? I’m still gonna watch every Saturday night.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Phl-emmy. 

The Chris Gethard Show
Wednesdays, 11pm, thechrisgethardshow.com
Captive audience: Improv nerds; odd-TV junkies and other all-around weirdos.
Moment of truth: Just as I said last year ‘round this time, the best show you know nothing about is still this late-night freakfest, which is broadcast every week on a New York public-access channel and can also be viewed online. Host Chris Gethard and his crew of wayward improv folk still manage to come up with unpredictable, awe-inspiring entertainment every week on this variety/call-in mashup. And now that the show is about to shoot a pilot for Comedy Central, there’s a good chance more people will finally get to experience the madness I and a loyal, dedicated few have been enjoying.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy.

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