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(1959) (Shown on film): Three years before Dr. No, Sean Connery popped up in this live-action Disney trifle, featuring Albert Sharpe's aged Irishman stealing a pot of gold from the titular trick photography subjects.
(Not reviewed.) Sat., March 22, 2pm.

County Theater

$3.50-$8.50. 20 E. State St., Doylestown. 215.345.6789.

(1998) (Shown on DVD): With which Woody Allen had a chance to commence a fruitful second career writing for children's movies and/or voicing them, but decided the world really needed The Curse of the Jade Scorpion and Scoop instead. Shame.
B- Sat., March 22, 11am.

Pierrot le Fou

(1965) (Shown on video): See Bryn Mawr Film Institute.
A Mon., March 24, 7pm.

Gershman Y

Various prices. 401 S. Broad St.
West Bank Story/ Making Trouble: Three Generations of Funny Jewish Women

(2005/2007) (Shown on Beta): The Jewish Film Festival devotes its entire weekend to new filmmakers, starting with Ari Sandel's charming West Bank Story. Winner of the 2005 Oscar for Best Live Action Short, the film resets West Side Story on the West Bank, with the Palestinian-Israeli strife boiled down to competing falafel stands. Following up will be Making Trouble, which sits down at a kosher deli table with four comediennes--Judy Gold, Cory Kahaney, Jessica Kirson and Jackie Hoffman--as they weigh in on their ancestors, from Fanny Brice to Gilda Radner to Wendy Wasserstein.
B/(Not reviewed). Sat., March 22, 8:30pm. $12.


(2007/2006) (Shown on Beta): Made by Zoe Greenberg, a student at Chestnut Hill's Springside School, as her Bat Mitzvah project, Enough looks at five different young people as they confront subjects like wealth, poverty and class. Adam Hootnick's Unsettled then takes us all the way to the Gaza Strip, where another group of young people try to survive on the front lines. Matisyahu supplies the music.
(Not reviewed.) Sun., March 23, 2pm. $10.

Ilona Upstairs/A Hero in Heaven

(2006/2007) (Shown on Beta/DVD): Filmed partly by Albert Maysles, Ilona Upstairs portrays an artist as she dances, sings, paints and swims, all while ignoring her past. Sally Mitlas' doc A Hero in Heaven tells of Philadelphia native Michael Levin, who joined the Israeli Defense Force only to be killed in a clash with Hezbollah.
(Not reviewed.) Mon., March 24, 7pm. $10.

International House

Free. 3701 Chestnut St. 215.387.5125.
Mysterious Objects: The Films of Apichatpong Weerasethakul

To be nice, Thai wunderkind Apichatpong Weerasethakul lets people call him "Joe." But that's all he makes easy. A director in love with odd structures, nonactors, the narcotic allure of nature and film titles as inscrutably mysterious as the movies to which they're attached, "Joe" makes primal, enigmatic films that don't easily reveal themselves. Instead they sit in your head or return to you days and weeks later. A slightly abridged version of a program that played New York in January, I-House's "Joe" retro produces nearly half his prolific oeuvre of shorts and features (among the missing are his masterpiece Blissfully Yours and the transvestite action parody The Adventures of Iron Pussy).

Syndromes and a Century

(2006) (Shown on film): Inspired by his parents, who met in a hospital, the first half is set in a building adjacent to a jungle. The film then resets, this time in the middle of a city. Weerasethakul intends the viewer to find rhymes between the two sections, but they're never so clear. Slowly the theme of miscommunication crops up, but it's quickly evident that finding meaning isn't as important as letting it wash over you.
A- Wed., March 19, 7pm.

Tropical Malady

(2004) (Shown on film): A return of the art-house mindfuck, Weerasethakul's delirious, hothouse whatzit starts with a sweet gay romance in the city. At the hour mark, however, the film restarts--with new credits--with the same actors recast as a soldier and a shape-shifting tiger.
A- Thurs., March 20, 7pm.

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