Gina Gershon Reveals Her Private Parts in "Killer Joe"

By Sean Burns
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It’s interesting how the film polarizes audiences. Have you watched it with a crowd yet? You can hear half the people cringing, while the rest of us sickos are laughing uncontrollably.

I think it’s hysterical! It’s a black, black, super-dark, dark comedy. I think going back to the first scene, my introduction really sets the tone. You laugh because it’s outrageous. It always takes me a couple of times to really see stuff, but by the third time, I was laughing a lot. I was also amazed, as I am with Billy’s other films. I started seeing all sorts of symbolism, and he uses sound in such a psychological way. I noticed all these little things here and there I had never noticed on set, which is exciting. When you watch his movies, they’re so layered, you can watch them again and again and see something new.


Do you think Killer Joe will become so notorious that people might finally stop badgering you about Showgirls?

I really hope so! That was one of the reasons I did it. Just kidding—but it should be. I mean, I’d rather know about this movie than Showgirls if I were a person asking. Of course, now, instead of Showgirls, it will just be people asking about the chicken scene. ‘Do you still eat fried chicken?’ Yes, I love fried chicken. Next question! ■

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