Put "For a Good Time, Call" on Permanent Hold

By Sean Burns
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Lauren Miller (left) and Ali Graynor star in "For a Good Time, Call ..."

Don’t expect anything titillating from this alleged sex comedy, penned by actress-writer-slash-Mrs. Seth Rogen, Lauren Miller. For a Good Time, Call... focuses on a couple of unlikely roommates, played by Miller and Ali Graynor, who has been doing her time in bit parts for years and here makes a bid for star status. They’re a hapless pair, with a seriously unfunny callback to college escapades involving pee, and now they’re managing to cover the rent on a swanky Manhattan apartment by running a phone sex line together.  Because people still use those, and obviously the Internet has not been invented yet in this picture.

Miller is the uptight goody-goody, an anonymous screen presence at best, while Graynor—who has a certain Bette Midler-ish comic quality, which is probably why she spends the movie vamping like a drag queen—prances around in tight leopard skin clothes doing “exercise” on a stripper pole. Guess which one turns out to be a virgin in this movie’s weirdly prehistoric parlance? Directed by Jamie Travis, For a Good Time, Call... is all loud colors and exaggerated reaction shots. It’s so busy being shocked and snickering about the audacity of its subject matter that the audience need not bother. And it spends an inordinate amount of screen time on fostering a friendship we could frankly care less about.

Awful celebrity cameos abound, with everybody from Kevin Smith to Seth Rogen (Hmm, wonder how they got him?) jerking-off on the other end of the phone. But the movie seems allergic to actual eroticism, going so far as to enlist Mark Webber as a frequent caller who just might also be the perfect beau.

Yes, these girls become besties and end up high-fiving all the time, if you are in the mood to tolerate that sort of thing. For a Good Time, Call... might as well be a pajama party. Miller’s screenplay constantly ducks away from any semblance of adult sexuality, while director Travis indulges in garish colors and giggle fits. Girl 6 this is not, and that’s a sad statement indeed.

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