Six Curious Career Changes

By Matt Prigge
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Ice Cube: From “If I Was Fucking You” to Are We There Yet? multimedia empire: The career path of the one born O’Shea Jackson has been a strange and borderline nonsensical one, fraught with the promise of genuine maturation (Three Kings) and ending up instead with a complete 180 into an insincere family-friendly empire.

Stephen Geoffreys: In Fright Night, this budding stage actor memorably played the lead’s beyond-spastic friend, scoring two catchphrases. (“To what do I owe this dubious pleasure?” and “You’re so cool, Brewster!”) He was even nominated for a Tony for The Human Factor. Then he started doing gay porn. He quit porn, returned (in 2002’s Seamen Training Day), then quit again, returning to acting in low-budget horror films. Christopher Mintz-Plasse will reprise Geoffreys’ role in the inevitable Fright Night rehash. Listen to your agent, bud.

David Gordon Green: Perhaps the ads for Your Highness should read “From the director of All the Real Girls, Undertow and Snow Angels.” Green worships Terrence Malick. But he also genuflects before Steven Seagal. (He wrote the forward to Vern’s exhaustive Seagal study Seagalogy.) And so when Malick once again started cranking ’em out, Green felt okay to helm Pineapple Express and an in-prep Suspiria remake. Which is fine. Except returning to George Washington land shouldn’t be out of the question.

Scott Schwartz: The kid who gets his tongue stuck on the frozen pole in A Christmas Story? And Richard Pryor’s young co-star in the buy-me-a-black-man-daddy doozie The Toy? Did porn. Unlike Stephen Geoffreys, he was never terribly good at it. Despite vehicles like Scotty’s X-Rated Adventure, his career floundered just as his nonporn career did.

Yojiro Takita: In 2009, Takita’s funeral arrangement drama Departures was the surprise winner of the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. Less reported was that Takita had cut his teeth making Japan’s softcore pink films, including the beloved “Molester’s” series (Molester’s Train, Molester’s School Infirmary, etc.).

Forest Whitaker: Perhaps you don’t know this funky-eyed teddy bear has long moonlit, unexpectedly, as the director of chick flicks. Waiting to Exhale? Hope Floats? Fucking First Daughter? All by the guy who convincingly embodied Idi Amin.

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