By Matt Prigge
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Opens Fri., July 2

Ever since America was seduced by the meaningless but powerful claim that being against today’s wars was somehow equivalent to being “against the troops,” lefty filmmakers have sought to prove they were down with soldiers by staying resolutely “apolitical.” The 2004 documentary Gunner Palace bro’d down with grunts occupying central Baghdad; any commentary on the larger war was incidental. David Simon’s excellent Generation Kill sneaked in far more criticism, but mostly stayed observational.

The new doc Restrepo goes even further into ambiguity. The directors, journo Sebastian Junger (author of The Perfect Storm) and photographer Tim Hetherington, stay religiously fly-on-the-wall, quietly observing a platoon of 15 American soldiers during a stint in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley. Aside from a handful of title cards, there is no context, no chats with experts or journalists, no additional rib-nudging by the filmmakers.

Restrepo tries to get us into the rhythm of a soldier's day-to-day, which, even in an area as fraught as Korengal is mostly doing nothing. Brief moments of chaotic violence, like the explosion that opens the film, pepper long stretches of tedium. Our heroes dick around on guitars, read magazines, talk shit. At one point they try to patch things up with locals over a cow that got mangled in wire. War is hell, as the saying goes; this one seems more like purgatory.

Post-Afghanistan interviews keep bumping us out of the monotonous groove, though. The soldiers’ frank, thoughtful insights deepen our understanding of the subject, but it’s at the expense of a singular film-watching experience, one that replicates the feeling of being a soldier posted in an alternately deadly and tedious locale. Restrepo is still essential viewing, but it would have been even better had the interviews been saved for the DVD special features.

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1. Paul Grant said... on Dec 2, 2010 at 06:43AM

“The 1-star was for Mr. Prigge's review, not the movie, as I take exception with the review. I'm not sure what your background is, but to judge a movie such as this, a documentary whose intent is to do what it exactly did - capture the daily experiences of Paratroopers in combat- like you would any Hollywood action flick and criticize it for not having the action sequences scripted, is just plain ignorant. You try living as these Paratroopers did and then describe it as "mostly doing nothing." For you to complain that there is no context only reveals that you do not understand the meaning of the word "context." The context is the experience the viewer has, albeit vicariously, of not knowing what's going to happen next, only that whatever it is will be violent and unexpected. The interviews complete the context. Having them separate as a special feature would have totally defeated the purpose. Perhaps you ought to save your novice film critic talents for the next guy film.”


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