On the Telly: "Broad City," "Wahlburgers" and "Lizzie Bordon Took an Ax"

By Craig D. Lindsey
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Christina Ricci in Lifetime's "Lizzie Borden Took an Ax."

Broad City
Wednesdays, 10:30pm, Comedy Central
Captive audience: Web comedy nerds; gals who like the funny; people who really can’t wait for the new season of Inside Amy Schumer to drop.
Moment of truth: For those who don’t think 2 Broke Girls is a fair representation of finance-challenged chicks living in the Big City, may I turn your attention to this far-funnier sitcom? Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer bring their Web series to the TV screen (with help from Amy Poehler, who executive-produces the show, and guest stars like Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch and Janeane Garofalo), playing two BFFs trying to make ends meet in New York City. Just as loose as the title suggests it is, the laughs come at a frenetic pace. Not to mention it’s quite the feminine companion to Comedy Central’s guy favorite, Workaholics.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy.

Wednesdays, 10:30pm, A&E
Captive audience: Lone Survivor fans; A&E reality-show watchers; people who are planning to be around Boston soon and are looking for places to eat.
Moment of truth: The Wahlberg brothers, Mark and Donnie, get in the reality-show game with this program. The show actually focuses on big brother Paul, the chef and restauranteur who runs the titular burger joint where his little bros serve as partners. This show also features the Wahlbergs’ mom, Alma, who’s mostly there to do intrusive, mom things. As you’ve probably guessed, this show is mostly about family and togetherness and stuff like that. When it is about that, the show’s not bad. But when the fam engages in forced, reality-show hijinks, this program loses some of its sincere luster.  
Emmy or phlegmmy: Phl-emmy.

Lizzie Borden Took an Ax
Saturday, 8pm, Lifetime
Captive audience: Lifetime TV-movie watchers. And that’s pretty much it.
Moment of truth: After making middle-aged ladies gather around the TV and watch their version of Flowers in the Attic last weekend, Lifetime goes back to doing their docudrama thing with yet another TV movie centered around a real-life bad girl. Christina Ricci is all pale, malnourished and deeply disturbed as the title character, the young lady who made headlines by allegedly killing her parents. Since it’s a cable movie, it goes overboard with the gory excessiveness. But at its dull, demented core, it’s still a mediocre Lifetime TV movie. Yeah, this may be the last Lifetime movie I review in this column.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Phlegmmy.

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