Less than "30 Minutes" with Jesse Eisenberg and Nick Swardson

By Sean Burns
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NS: You did?

JE: Yeah.

NS: You’re fucked up.

JE: No, It was good because it confirmed for me things in the script that I wasn’t sure about. Like, in the movie I deliver the pizza to these guys in a dangerous scrap yard. When I was out with the guy I realized you do equivalent things. You are delivering pizza in the middle of the night to drunk people who live in weird places, and you have to go to their house and you don’t know who is going to answer the door.

NS: If you learn anything from this movie, don’t deliver pizza to a junkyard.

PW: So did you do a similar kind of research, bonding off-screen with your co-star Aziz Ansari?

NS: Yeah, their moms arranged play dates.

JE: They’d sit us together in our diapers until we started touching. But it’s funny, in the original screenplay my character was not supposed to sleep with his sister. Aziz and I thought, wouldn’t it be great if he had? So we ended up reshooting the scene. And the movie is so much better now.

NS: It’s gonna do Avatar numbers with that change. 


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