Will Ferrell Talks Improv, George Bush and His Latest Attempt to Speak Spanish

By Matt Prigge
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PW: You have fans who said your impersonation of Bush made them like him more. What’s it like having people who like your work but think, say, that you weren’t mocking Bush or that Talladega Nights is a wildly pro-NASCAR movie?

WF: It was funny that that was a reaction. I guess ultimately it just says that people were finding the portrayal interesting and a funny character. But I did have some interesting information from a friend who knew a team of people who worked closely with that family, and they said I nailed him. That’s exactly how he is. You can’t control any of that, that reaction. I had no idea I’d play him for eight years. [laughs] I thought he’d run and be one and done, or not even one and done, just lose to Gore. Well, he did lose.

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