The Top 10 Worst Films of 2011

By Sean Burns
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What does it say about a year in movies that Michael Bay’s latest Transformers opus can’t even crack the bottom five? Dark of the Moon won half-hearted kudos for being slightly less racist and sexist than the previous installment. It still sucked, just not as memorably.

Yes, Al Pacino rapped in Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill, a pitilessly unfunny dirge of product placement representing the nadir of a comic talent’s once-promising career, oozing with lazy contempt for his audience. (And if any of you assholes had gone to see Funny People , I bet this would never have happened.)

But the worst of all was Sucker Punch. Director Zach Snyder’s staggeringly wrong fantasy epic conjures a world in which lithesome young women are routinely sexually abused in a mental institution, so they escape into a lush imaginary universe—where they work as strippers? How’s that for an empowerment scenario?

Creepier still is the way Snyder transforms every violation into a weightless, out-of-this-world video-game action sequence, pandering to his fanboy audience’s most anti-social, unpleasant impulses. Sickeningly enough, this foul rape-fantasy went out into the world with a PG-13 rating.

I fear for the Republic.

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1. Frank in Germantown said... on Jan 4, 2012 at 11:08AM

“It seems hypocritical that you'd call out Kevin Smith for insulting his Sundance audience yet you then address your own readers as "you assholes". I did see "Funny People," but even if I didn't, I wouldn't be to blame for Sandler's lazy schlock.”


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