Top home improvement safety tips

10 rules for power tools, and more

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6. Buy a saw with a blade guard and don't disable it. Before operating saws with guards, make sure they are in place and in proper working order. Kevin's father-in-law was a master brickmason. To increase productivity, he wired the blade guard on his circular saw in the open position. Production increased until the day he set the still-running saw in his lap.

7. Prevent against kickback. If a saw blade begins to bind, immediately stop the cut and hold the saw and work piece completely still. Wait for the saw blade to stop before pulling away from a cut.

8. Discard saw blades that are chipped, bent or in any way damaged.

9. Never leave an active power tool unattended. Unplug power tools before leaving the room and store them out of children's reach.

10. Remove all jewelry before using power tools.

Other things to consider

Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you know where others are at all times to prevent accidents or injuries. Keep kids and pets away from tools and projects.

A clean, well-lit workspace is a safe workspace. Store power tools, sharp tools or dangerous materials on high shelves or in a locked storage cabinet out of a child's reach.

Use the proper extension cord. If you're tackling outdoor home improvement projects, make sure extension cords are rated for outdoor use.

Take your time. Rushing can lead to accidents, injuries, and more often than not produces an inferior finished product.

Finally, keep a first-aid kit on hand. Even the most careful among us can have accidents. It's the nature of the home improvement beast.

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