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Book Review: 'The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything and Living the Good Life'

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Thus starts the 200-page odyssey into meta-learning that Ferriss presents at the outset of the book. Overall, the book is divided into five parts, thoughtfully organized and modularized so that you can smartly choose your own path through the book. It is also designed -- as is the meta-learning DiSSS system -- to obliterate the most common "failure points," the things that derail the novice who is trying to become great at learning facts or skills like cooking, fast.

If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to have learning, skill-building and life-transforming superpowers, "The 4-Hour Chef" is your personal superhero handbook -- even if you have zero interest in cooking.  

Want more? Tim and I sat down to chat about the book and things like possibility, becoming world-class and "decision fatigue" in more depth. Watch the three-part video interview series on my Facebook page or at

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