How much HELOC interest can I deduct?

Accountant says limit is $100K, others disagree

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There is a much simpler solution to this problem. If you can figure out the schedule (is it parked there every third Saturday night?), just make sure that a car is parked in one of the center spaces before the RV arrives! Then there will be no room for the RV to park there.

Eventually the RV owner will get the hint. --Bob

DEAR BOB: My column was about a reader who lives in a condominium, and although there are regulations about where to park large recreational vehicles, one such RV owner just takes up four parking spaces, and the condo board -- and its property manager -- apparently are ignoring the problem.

Bob's suggestion is what I call the "Texas Rule" -- do it in the middle of the night when no one is looking. In this case, park your car before the RV comes home, so that you block his access. I would, however, take some pictures of where the RV parks, and would advise the property manager of your intention as to where you plan to start parking.

A practical solution. Thanks.

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