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Book Review: 'Monday Morning Choices: 12 Powerful Ways to Go From Everyday to Extraordinary'

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There's a special message here, I believe, for those who bought homes or made specific mortgage decisions in an effort to develop financial prosperity, and failed (e.g., lost the property or properties via short sale or foreclosure). I believe that financial success is still available to consumers who have had these issues.

In fact, armed with the lessons and takeaways of having been in such a distressed mortgage situation, they might make very different money decisions and implement very different management practices going forward, positioning themselves to develop the wealth they sought.

5. The Relationship Choice. Cottrell argues that no one can become or maintain a successful life entirely on their own, so it behooves those seeking success to invest some time and energy into creating and caring for both their personal and work relationships.

Cottrell offers readers guidance on how to create the right sorts of relationships with the right sorts of people, as well as on how and what to do to nourish and optimize them.

The upshot of "Monday Morning Choices" is that spending a few moments every Monday morning trying to incorporate some of these lessons into the way you make your choices in these areas of your life is a very worthwhile investment that can pay off -- big time -- over the course of a year.

If you are looking for a way to structure your New Year's resolutions, but are overwhelmed at the number of things you want or need to change, consider working through this book in 2012. Optimizing the way you make all your decisions might be an approach that pays off.

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