The leaves are changing, PSLs are brewing and apples are ripe for the picking. It's also the time for Dilworth Park's Octoberfest and Made in Philadelphia Fall Market.

Adjacent to City Hall, step into a whirlwind of pumpkins, hay bales and shucks of corn. Grab a spiked cider at the beer garden, play classic games and shop among local vendors.

The market started on Friday, but it will be functioning all weekend long. Here are seven booths that you'll definitely want to check out while there. 

1. S'mores Pops

S'mores Pops.jpg

Love s'mores, but hate the ooey-gooey mess? Tuck-ins has got your sweet tooth covered with the inside-out s'more. Roast it over the flame and snack away. Yum! 

Plus, they have this s'more eating pumpkin.

S'mores Pops 2.jpg

2. Breast Jewelry 

Anethum Jewlery.jpg

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Show your support for the cause by wearing "handmade boob jewelry." As part of the Melopepo line by Anethum Jewelry, ten percent of each sale is donated to Planned Parenthood and an additional ten percent to the ACLU. 

3. Alcohol Infused Desserts

Cynful Bliss.jpg

Love your cake, but wish you could drink it too? Cynful Bliss makes jarred desserts with that extra adult kick in them. Try the Succulent Pumpkin, which uses Bailey's Pumpkin Spice and honey bourbon. 

4. Wine Board Game

Chardonnay Go.jpg

Chardonn-hay-hay-hay! Get wild with Chardonnay Go, a board game designed for moms who like to unwind with a glass or two—or three. Not a mom? The game has plenty of wine to go around for all types of drinkers and game enthusiasts. 

5. Sustainable Pet Treats

Piggyback Treats Company.jpg

Your pets' tails will be wagging for the sustainably sourced, locally grown and seasonally created Piggyback Treats. Run by Jen and Chris Kirby, the duo work with local and regional businesses to reduce food waste by incorporating "rescued" foods into their recipes. 

6. Book Thongs

Tree of life book thongs 2.jpg

Who says book nerds are, well, nerdy? Show off your sexy reading selections with Tree of Life Book Thongs bookmarks.

7. Mosaic Shop

Believes Mosaics.jpg

Enter a wonderland of glass and color, and find that special something from Believes Mosaics that will brighten up your home.

Made in Philadelphia Fall Market | Oct. 20: Noon-8pm. Oct. 21: Noon-6pm. Dilworth Park, 1 S 15th St.


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