Trash Talkers

By Jonathan Valania
Add Comment Add Comment | Comments: 0 | Posted Mar. 6, 2002

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Talk about a manic Monday. On the very same day last week that NBC-10 anchor-babe Sharon Reed was linked romantically with Robert De Niro in Stu Bykofsky's Daily News column, she was sitting in Lower Merion police headquarters answering allegations of posting terroristic threats against fellow WCAU reporter Alicia Taylor on the message boards of various news media-related websites. By press time Reed's job at WCAU appeared to be hanging by a thread. According to Taylor's attorney, Carl Singley, the catfight began some months ago when Taylor warned various WCAU staffers to watch what they say to Reed because "she had a history of filing sexual harassment suits at her previous places of employment in Miami and Baltimore." When word got back to Reed, the claws came out. Inter-office trash talking moved online when Reed and Taylor and their respective supporters began posting on the message boards at websites like, Fucked, and assorted Yahoo! newsgroups. Taylor went to police when she found herself on the receiving end of threats like "I'll kill you, bitch" and "I'll put my foot up your ass." According to Singley, the threats were directly tied to Reed's home computer by Lower Merion police. Reed met with police on Friday, Feb. 22, but denied the allegations. When she met with police again the following Monday, Reed admitted to writing the threatening posts, says Singley. The waters were further muddied when Reed's attorney, Jeffrey M. Cooper, issued a statement after the meeting with police saying, "My client did not write or instruct anyone to write threatening Internet postings about Ms. Taylor." Singley says Cooper's statement was using a "legalistic" loophole, essentially admitting that Reed authored the posts but did not consider them terroristic threats. (Cooper did not return a call for comment.) Lower Merion police declined to press charges and referred the matter back to WCAU management. According to Singley, Reed had also authored disparaging Internet postings about fellow WCAU on-air talent, including Larry Mendte, Monique Braxton, Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz and Karen Hepp. Reed and her attorney met with NBC-10 management on Wednesday of last week. The outcome of that meeting remains unclear, but sources inside the station insist that "she's done."

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