Run-on Sentence

Mumia's case isn't as simple as people like to make it seem.

By Liz Spikol
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In one part of the book--printed in the Inquirer, which is running multiple excerpts--a reporter asks Faulkner what she wants. She wants Mumia to die. No Amish-style forgiveness. An eye for an eye.

Yet other cases show that what looks so clear to one person can be refracted differently by another.

In 1986 Rev. Bill Bosler was murdered in Miami. The killer, James Campbell, also attacked Bosler's daughter SueZann. When she recovered from her stab wounds, SueZann began a campaign--one that would consume her life in the same way Maureen Faulkner's campaign on behalf of Danny's memory has guided hers--to ensure her attacker wasn't given the death penalty. She failed initially, but 10 and a half years after he killed her father, Campbell's sentence was changed to life in prison. SueZann thanked the jury after the sentence was handed down, saying, "Now I can go on with my life."

Maureen Faulkner was recently quoted by Reuters saying something similar: "If [Abu-Jamal] is put to death, I would be able to have a normal life."

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1. Sean said... on Mar 22, 2009 at 12:27PM

“Take your self-righteous liberal bull-shit propaganda and go spew it elsewhere. Read Ms. Faulkners book. Then read "The Framing of Mumia Abu Jumal." If you be honest to yourself and read them objectively you can't help but laugh at the stretches Mr. O'Connor will go to to try and push the blame off Mumia. It's a pitiful piece of journalistic writing held together by paper-thin theories and bull-shit evidence introduced years and years after the murder. Unfortunately there are pussy's like yourself in the world who will try and help anyone being beaten by the system without actually understanding what the situation is. How bout instead of writing a pro-Mumia piece you write a pro-Maureen piece. I know liberals in the media hate America and the Police but for once show a little sympathy you scum-eating bastard.

Mumia Abu Jamal Shouldn't Be In a 6 X 6 foor cell. He Should be 6 Feet Closer to Hell!”

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2. Michael said... on Jul 29, 2011 at 02:31AM

“If it was SSOOO many years ago, then who are YOU to say who's innocent or guilty??!! You seem to be just as ignorant as the people who are chastising!! Thank GOD for the Justice System that we have(that as we all know, sometimes works and sometimes doesn't), that can use EVIDENCE and FACTS(REGARDLESS of how many years have passed), instead of OPINIONS and CONJECTURE!! You say that the "pussy's" are trying to help those beaten by the system, w/o actually knowing/understanding what the situation is... It would seem to me that YOU have no idea what the situation is, either!! So what name should we call YOU???!!!......
(Oh, and you forgot the first quotation mark on your last sentence!! What the hell is a 6 X 6 floor cell?? Did you mean, "8' x 10' cell"?? The story is right in front of you, and somehow you still fuck up the quote??!! Says A LOT about the author "Sean", doesn't it??)”


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