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By J. Cooper Robb
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Josh Schulman
Occupation: Lighting designer.
Neighborhood: Society Hill.
Style: Three-bedroom, 1,000-square-foot apartment.

In Center City a big apartment typically means you may have room to turn around in the shower. If you have a huge place, it means you don't have to eat in the kitchen. But in Josh Schulman's apartment you need a map just to find the kitchen. A single-story space that stretches nearly an entire block, the apartment boasts hardwood floors and beautifully crafted French doors.

Where did you live before?
"I was in a studio apartment around the corner. The whole thing was smaller than my current bedroom."

Do you live alone?
"No. My buddy Lowell and I moved in initially, and then our other roommate Karen moved here in December."

How many bedrooms do you have?
"We use three rooms for bedrooms, though you could have more."

How many bathrooms are there?

Is that a problem with three people?
"Not really. We get up at different times in the morning, and there's always plenty of hot water for everyone to have their shower."

What attracted you to the place?
"The size and cheap rent were the main attractions, but it also has a lot of character. Instead of jamming stuff together, we have a room for everything. We have a pantry, which also has the washer and dryer, and that was a huge plus. We use what was the dining room for my lights and the liquor cabinet. Then we have a guest room that houses the plants."

You not only have a lot of rooms, but every room is huge. Like the back bedroom, for instance.
"That's Lowell's bedroom. The only downside about his room is that with the two exposed walls, it gets cold back here."

Is the furniture a mix of everyone's?
"A lot of it is from my dad, because he was moving the same time I was, and he didn't want a lot of his old stuff."

How did you get the front bedroom? It's fantastic.
"Since I found the place I had first choice of a bedroom. Being in the front, I get a ton of light in the morning, which is usually nice unless you happen to have a hangover."

I see you have room in here for your drafting board.
"It was impossible to work in my old place like I can here. I had to do all the lighting designs on the kitchen table before. When I worked on the Boathouse Row lights, it was with someone else, and there was plenty of room in here for both of us."

And the French doors out to the neat old iron balcony are a nice touch.
"Yeah. I really like the doors. And we use the balcony a lot. We set chairs out there during the summertime, have a couple brews and cook on our little grill. It's living the high life."

Is there any drawback to living here?
"We keep it at 65 or below, but it's still expensive to heat."

I guess the size of the apartment is the best part.
"Yeah. It's nice to get out of bed in the morning and not bump into things."

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The Space

The Space

The Space

The Space

The Space

The Space

The Space

The Space