The Space

By J. Cooper Robb
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Dana Persia
Occupation: PR account executive/freelance writer.
Neighborhood: South Philadelphia.
Style: 1,280-square-foot row house.


Contrary to popular American myth, few people actually live in their dream home. But Dana Persia is one of the lucky ones. Her place in South Philly boasts exposed brick on two floors, an extravagantly large porcelain-tiled bathroom with a pedestal sink, high-end lighting and hardwood floors. Best of all, the house needed no work when she moved in. She simply turned the key and started living in her dream house.

How long have you been here?
"Almost two years. It's my first house."

Why did you choose South Philly?
"I looked everywhere. Everything was so expensive, and I wanted something I could just walk into. The guy working on the place was going to live here, so everything is custom done. I'm from South Philly, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to move back. But the house was the right size, and I could move right in."

So it was all finished when you got it.
"Pretty much. I really haven't done much because the way it was is exactly my taste."

How many bedrooms do you have?
"There are three bedrooms. The one small bedroom I turned into a dressing room."

Your kitchen with the breakfast nook is cute.
"Thanks. I like the cabinets a lot. I think they're cherry."

The finished basement is huge.
"I have space for my office, and then room for people if I have a party or something. The laundry room is also down there."

You have to have that. Laundromats are a pain.
"Yes my going-to-the-Laundromat days are over."

It's so comfortable down here, and your vintage movie posters are neat.
"I've been collecting them for a while. I always lived in a studio or a one-bedroom before, and there was never a place for them. It's nice with a home because now I have a room I can put them in."

Your place came equipped with all top-of-the-line items.
"It's really helpful that it was so nice already, especially for someone like me who can barely hang a picture."

And you have an outside space.
"It's not much right now, but I'm going to work on it."

Your exposed brick wall adds a lot of flavor. Does it flake a lot?
"No, not at all. The builder told me he treated it with something."

Look how luxurious your bathroom is!
"Thanks. I love it. It has both a tub and a shower, and I love the slate."

And you have a guest room.
"That's my cat Alvie's room most of the time."

What's your favorite thing about the house?
"I really love my bedroom. It's cozy. It's just the kind of bedroom I always wanted."

Is there a drawback?
"Just one. There's no dishwasher."

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The Space

The Space

The Space

The Space

The Space

The Space

The Space

The Space