Wild About Larry

A former Phillie who plays ass quarters at Downey's? No wonder we love him.

By G.W. Miller III
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With baseball trivia flying all around him, Phillies broadcaster and former relief pitcher Larry Andersen hangs at the back of the bar at Downey's, a bottle of Bud Light in his right hand.

"Three countries share the names of Phillies' players," bartender Tommy Brennan shouts to the regulars. "Who are the players?"

"Al Holland," someone barks almost immediately.

"Ricky Jordan," another bellows.

"Kevin Jordan," adds yet another.

The regulars mumble and look puzzled for a moment.

Then Brennan snaps, "Nobody remembers Mark Portugal?"

When the crowd's grunts and guffaws settle down, Brennan throws out another gem.

"Larry Andersen holds the Phillies' team record for 33 1/3 consecutive scoreless innings pitched," he offers. "Who's the jackass who made the error that led to the streak ending?"

"Sixto Lezcano!" someone snaps.

"Ivan DeJesus?" another guesses.

The names Kiko Garcia, Joe Lefebvre and Steve Jeltz float around as casually as if they're as well known as Hall of Famers, which they most certainly are not.

Feeling nostalgic, I toss out, "Rick Schu?"

"Give them a clue," Andersen says to Brennan.

"What kind of clue can I give 'em?" Brennan asks.

"Turn around," Andersen responds.

Brennan spins and reveals a white number 47 on the back of his fire engine-red 1993 Phillies practice jersey.

"Larry Andersen!" we all say, nearly in unison.

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