Steven Wells Spends 13 Hours With the Big Talker and Other Idiots

By Steven Wells
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Rush calls Obama an incompetent coward and says he's no longer "the magic negro." Oh yes he did. Seriously.

He actually said that. But I guess since he's played a song called "Barack the Magic Negro" on his show, that shouldn't really come as a surprise.

Rush plays a clumsy pre-recorded comedy skit in which a voiceover tells us that in the olden days people used to explain the world through silly myths and legends like virgin births and sons of god rising from the grave. Oh, wait. Rush uses different but equally silly examples of myths and legends.

But now, says the voiceover, people believe in a different myth--the myth
of Obama.

Then the skit wheels on a sensible man shouting abuse at Obama on TV while his simpering, stupid, deluded, liberal (and--whisper it--negro-cock-craving) wife billycoos: "I think he just smiled at me."

God, women, eh? Makes you wonder if giving them the vote was a good idea after all.

Rush hates it when people say he's a cruel, heartless, evil bastard. "I care about people," he whines in a none-too-rare moment of lumbering self-pity. "I care more about people than Obama does--and that's not even a contest."

Rush says: "Liberals are on the wrong side of 9/11."

He says liberals hate the troops and hate America.

What are the odds? Does he say this every day, do you think?

A woman calls to complain that her child is being brainwashed by the evil patchouli-reeking eco-nazis who spread the myth of climate change in order to put more power in the hands of the Illuminati or something.

Rush waves his trunk in agreement and rants for five minutes about why the 99.9 percent of scientists who say climate change is happening are big fat liars.

The same caller who called Laura Ingraham an hour or so ago to gleefully boast about voting for Hillary even though he's a Republican phones Rush to say the same thing. Only more gleefully.

"We like walked up to the Hillary table and said--'Operation Chaaaaos!'" says the dude in a tone of voice that suggests he's also crossing his eyes, wiggling his tongue and making the double-devil sign at the same

This gives Rush the chance to once again bang on and on and on and on about how fantastic Operation Chaos is, and how shocking it is that the mainstream media don't seem to realize that he--Rush Hudson Limbaugh
III--is the most important and influential and sexually desirable pachyderm on the planet.

Rush then bashes Hillary for playing the victim card.

And whining, and for screeching like an "ex-wife," and for apparently "cackling" like a bird called the "Arkansas broad beam."

Disagree with him if you like, but there's no denying that Rush is a class act.

Oh and he calls his African-American listeners the "brothers and sisters in the hood."

And Rush says the Iranians--who are just like Hitler, apparently--want Obama to win.

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