Steven Wells' America

By PW Staff
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In 2007, Steven Wells made a series of YouTube videos -- rants, of course -- about America, the War on Terror and politics.



"Stop the Vote":

"Bring the Troops Home":


"Gun Control":

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Steven Wells Remembered
By Steven Wells

Our friend and colleague Steven Wells died two years ago today of the cancer he had documented so well in two cover stories for Philadelphia Weekly. On June 14, he submitted this column.

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Even More Tributes to Steven Wells
By PW Staff

First, a request from our music editor: “Hi all, I spoke with Steven's wife Katherine this afternoon, and she's very moved by the outpouring of support shown both in the comments here and the gobs of tributes creeping out of every corner of the web today. She's asked that I ask anyone who knew him here if they might send scanned pictures of Steven from the 80s/90s. They will be used at his memorial service in a slideshow we're planning so, please, if you have them—or anything you might have you think could add—please email me at Much appreciated. Thanks so much. Look forward to hearing from you. Brian McManus Philadelphia Weekly, music editor” Now, onto more tributes to our friend Steven Wells. From Will Bunch: He leaves us with a great body of work, and one more thing: His hellish tales of the American health care system where he did battle in his final years. That's a tale that our policymakers in Washington need to hear, so that the next generation doesn't have to endure what some of Wells went through. From James McMahon, NME: I never met the man, but I did get five emails from him. I know this because I printed them out and stuck...

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Steven Wells’ contrarianism wasn’t just an act
By Joel

My colleague Steven Wells has passed away. I won’t presume to write a heartfelt eulogy for him, because I didn’t know him that long, but I can say I will honestly miss him. And I can say that his acerbic and contrary nature wasn’t an act he played out on the pages of Philly Weekly, [...]

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More Tributes to Steven Wells
By PW Staff

Commentary from the Sons of Ben, Los Campesinos the Guardian, Phawker and more.

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R.I.P. Steven Wells
By Michael Alan Goldberg

Cancer has reared its head in a particularly ugly way in the past two weeks, first claiming a high school friend of mine, then Gary Papa, and now PW music scribe Steven Wells. I can say without a doubt that Wells (I didn’t know him personally, so it doesn’t feel quite right referring to him [...]

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Tributes to Steven Wells
By PW Staff

We are, of course, digesting the death of our friend Steven Wells. And we've been touched to see tributes pouring into the comments section of his final column. Before he was an abrasive and controversial PW writer, Steven was an abrasive and controversial music writer for a variety of English press, perhaps most famously for NME in the 1980s. His UK and music colleagues this morning are offering up their tributes.

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Steven Wells: In Memoriam

He was a mentor, a storyteller, a fire-breather. He was more passionate than anyone we’ll likely come across again. 
Of course, you know this already. Because if you read his stuff, you know the man. Everything in his writing is everything he was in real flesh-and-blood life.

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