Sex and the City

Dan Savage has some impolitic positions on Philly.

By G.W. Miller III
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"Because of the timing, the Committee of Seventy argued the seats should be left open," says Seventy's president Zack Stalberg.

Over the summer Stalberg sent a letter to Council president Anna Verna asking that she not hold a special election to fill the three vacant seats, and instead wait until the May primary.

"Presumably these folks still would've had the endorsement of the party but they wouldn't have the advantage of incumbency," Stalberg says.

Technically, Savage and the other two new councilpeople--Bill Greenlee and Carol Campbell--are serving the remainders of their predecessors' terms. That means they'll have to run in the May primary and then win the November general election to stay on Council beyond 2007. But already being in office gives them a leg up on challengers.

Stalberg adds that the selection system is legal according to the city charter, but not necessarily proper given the one-party domination.

"It's not a good process, obviously," he says. "And it's going to be very difficult to change it because it's currently in the best interests of the ruling party to continue to keep it this way. But that doesn't make it right."

Dan Savage

Whether Savage the politician will be able to overcome the "insider" label will be determined in the spring.

Sexpert Savage, meanwhile, has more pertinent questions about his namesake.

"What's he look like?" he asks. "Does he have a gut? He's out there representing me. I don't want him to have a big gut. He's got to do his crunches."

The Savage with the ideas then talks about how he'd improve Philadelphia. He pauses for a moment after learning there's a mayoral race that's just starting to heat up.

"Maybe I should jump in," he chuckles.

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