Savage Love

By Dan Savage
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But hey, why should you take my word about meth, college girl? What do I know about meth? It’s not like I’ve ever used meth, right?

“Most meth addicts started out feeling like meth was the perfect fix to a ‘problem’ like needing extra time to study,” says gay porn star Trenton Ducati. “I started out using meth ‘occasionally,’ too. Pretty much all meth users start out that way. And it’s not novel to think your life is in control, and that you’ve got it all together—everybody who gets addicted to meth thinks that.”

Trenton says that people who use meth—even occasionally—are the worst judges of whether they have a meth problem.

“Meth wound up taking me places that I’m sure OMU doesn’t want to go,” says Trenton. “There is just no way to use meth safely. Even if she is not willing to listen to those who’ve come before her—and it sounds like she’s not—she could at least refrain from promoting a drug that has ruined so many lives.” (Gay-porn fans—particularly fans of behind-the-scenes pics of porn shoots—can follow Trenton Ducati on Twitter: @TrentonDucati.)

And maybe you didn’t learn the word “sophistry” when you were cramming for the SATs, OMU, but you might want to look it up. It’s never too late to expand the ol’ vocabulary—or to put down the meth pipe.

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1. Christine said... on Apr 6, 2012 at 12:28AM

“Dan I feel I really must say something to Meth-Girl...She says she's a straight-A student. She compares Meth to pot... and she only does it 5 times a month or so... How naive can this girl be? I thought she was going to say she does it every now and then when she feels a little frisky... that's what the major attraction of meth is anyway isn't it? Well if little miss straight-a speed freak keeps thinking like she is we'll be seeing her walking Broad Street in a couple years to pay for some new teeth... Jus Sayin...”

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2. Anonymous said... on Apr 20, 2012 at 04:33PM

“Take Trents' story seriously now he's doing SO well that he has to suck dick
lick assholes and get fucked by anybody! Either his judgment has always
been bad or all the drugs has made it so.”


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