YPP: South Philly Violence Investigation 'Inadquate'

By PW Staff
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At Young Philly Politics, HelenGym takes a look at the Philadelphia School District's report on violence at South Philly High and finds it lacking: "Yet nearly three months after the December 3rd violence, we have a report that – while providing some insight – mostly sets us right back where we were before: with glaring discrepancies between accounts of student victims and witnesses and findings which appear to absolve the District of any responsibility. The investigation was based on interviews with only a fraction of student victims and witnesses and contained vague innuendos that served to distract from the main question: could the school/District have done anything differently to avoid or minimize the assaults? ... When pressed on why his findings didn’t address school responsibility, Judge James Giles said he didn’t believe in "Monday-morning quarter-backing." Let's be clear: This was an incident which garnered national and international expressions of concern, where more than a dozen students were sent to the emergency room, and which sparked a boycott by more than 50 Asian students who feared for their safety after more than a year of relentless harassment. You darn well do Monday-morning quarterbacking, slow motion replay, and every possible investigation and review to see how things could and should have turned out differently. Any suggestion otherwise is a frightening analysis."

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