DA: Marvin Harrison Still a ‘Person of Interest’

By Randy LoBasso
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This whole 'Marvin Harrison may have shot and killed a guy' thing is back and Seth Williams may have opened his mouth too early.

The Daily News has a write-up about Seth Williams’ appearance on ESPN’s “E:60” show that aired Tuesday. When asked about the North Philly shooting from 2009, in which Harrison and his bar Playmakers allegedly played a part, Williams responded: "He is a person of interest in this investigation, and has remained such.”

It doesn’t sound so bad, but turns out Philly police are pretty pissed about Williams’ statement.

"Well, the s[hit] hit the fan," a police source told the Inquirer. "I'm not sure why he would go on camera and say that, when we've never said that."

Another unnamed source said: "I don't think too many people were happy with that…Usually a D.A. doesn't discuss an [open] case until after there's been an arrest."

Those following the incidents over the last couple years may remember the strange web which was woven in North Philadelphia. In April 2008, Dwight Dixon, a drug dealer, got into a scuffle with Marvin Harrison at 25th and Thompson, up in Brewerytown. Shots rang out and Dixon was injured by bullets.

ESPN reported the following at the time:

“The source said the alleged victim came into the bar, Playmakers, around 5 p.m. and engaged in an argument with Harrison, who was at the bar. The victim then left the bar, heading to his car, with Harrison following. Gunfire broke out, the victim was hit in the hand, and a young girl was slightly injured by flying glass from a car that apparently was hit by a bullet.

Police came to scene, but the victim did not identify a shooter. On Wednesday, according to the source, ballistic tests showed that the gun that had fired the shots was a custom-made Belgian weapon, and police determined that Harrison owned such a gun.
Police then went to a Philadelphia car wash owned by Harrison to question him about the gun. Harrison admitted owning such a weapon, but claimed it never left his suburban Philadelphia home. However, the source said the gun was discovered in a bucket at the car wash, and tests showed that it had fired seven bullets that matched those found at the scene.”

I know, who knew Marvin Harrison was such a North Philly entrepreneur?

Dixon originally lied to police and said he’d been shot in West Philly, but then changed his story and claimed a long feud with Harrison, which culminated in the shooting. Lynn Abraham never pressed any charges against Harrison, though was quoted as saying: "I'm pretty comfortable that I know who fired the gun, but I'm not going to say because I don't have the evidence.”

On July 21, 2009, Dixon was shot again – seven times – and told police he believed Harrison was behind it. He died in September of that year, before his case could go to trial, and Harrison’s never been questioned in the 2009 shooting, which allegedly took place around the same spot as the original, just blocks from Playmakers, a bar we still can’t find.

As PhillyNow noted back in January, GQ published new details of the 2008 shooting, which quotes witness Robert Nixon on seeing Harrison taking part in some bad business.

“Nixon was across the street and thirty yards away when Harrison started shooting. Pop pop pop pop pop pop—a great staccato gust of bullets. Steadily, Nixon says, Harrison unloaded both guns into the fat man's car, stippling the red Toyota Tundra with bullet holes as the fat man ducked in his seat. Eventually, the fat man sat up and sped off, heading straight toward Nixon's position as Harrison darted into the street and continued to shoot.”

We noted then, and we note now: “The entire GQ story is worth reading.”

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“When I've seen pieces on this situation, I didn't really understand what
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