Twitterverse: Arthur Kade (?) is our Friend

By PW Staff
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One of our newest Twitter followers is Arthur Kade. We don't know if this is the real Kade, but we love the Twitter feed -- in large part because we don't know if it's sincere or parody.

Some representative Tweets from the last day or so:

Fashion tip: Pocket placement is everything with jeans. 9s and 10s always tell me my ass looks amazing and it is because of the jeans I buy.

Just finished an insane workout. Guy at the gym said, "If I could bench press like that, I'd be a professional bodybuilder. You don't quit."

I told him, "I know. When your body is part of your brand, you have to work it to its full potential. Reach for your dreams, bro."

Just had an amazing omelette at Cosi. They always have it ready for me, and always use their biggest eggs for mine. Thanks to my boy Blue!

Someone said, You make Angelina Jolie look like a miserable failure. You're talented, instantly successful, gorgeous and have a great nose.

Angelina had to audition 100 times, Arthur Kade only had to audition 3 times. Numbers speak for themselves. Big things await me.

I just had a "fan" stop and ask me to pose for a photo with her. It is amazing how people everywhere recognize me like a household name.

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