Trouble In Paradise For AG Tom Corbett

By Randy LoBasso
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Earlier this week, our attorney general threatened a lawsuit against the federal government that would exempt Pennsylvania from health-care reform passed by the House, Senate and signed by the president. Though a majority of Pennsylvanians approve of President Obama’s latest spilling of ink, and though the president received an overwhelming majority of Keystone votes during the 2008 presidential election, Corbett’s running for governor, and he’ll have none of “teh soshilizm.”

Other than his ridiculous pandering to the extremist right, Corbett’s crown jewel issue has been his prosecution in the “Bonusgate” scandal – the prosecution of Democratic and Republican lawmakers and staffers for allegedly giving bonuses paid out for campaign work (which is illegal!) with taxpayer money.

And lately, concerning the issue, Corbett’s got a lot to smile about. Former Rep. Michael R. Veon was found guilty Monday of theft, conflict of interest, and conspiracy – and may hang out in prison more than 70 years, assuming he lives into his 120s. He and Frank LaGrotta, who pled guilty, may soon be taking turns spooning the cement wall behind a Raquel Welch poster.

We gotta applaud Corbett for helping weed out the guilty in Harrisburg, but when you look at the polling it becomes clear why he may be pursuing the health-care thing with bigger, easier headlines. A recent Daily News/Franklin and Marshall poll found that only 44 percent of Pa. voters had heard of the Bonusgate investigation and, of that, only 58 percent knew members of both parties are facing trial. If that doesn’t make you cynical enough, then how’s this for cynicism: 67 percent of voters believe all politicians use taxpayer money for campaigns and bonuses, anyway.

So, unfortunately Bonusgate doesn't seem a winning-enough issue. But wait! Joshua Lock, lawyer for former State Reps. Steve Stetler (D-York) and Brett Feese (R-Lycoming) has just attempted to turn the tables on Corbett, soap opera-ing the case up. He just filed motions to investigate Corbett for “misconduct,” the Inquirer reports, and there are 48 exhibits he cited, including – get this – using his campaign cell phone to contact staff in his office during work hours. How exciting!

On second thought, Tom, stick to the health-care thing. At least we can pretend to care about that.

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