Pigs Fly: City Council And State Senate Will Take on DHS

By Randy LoBasso
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Is there another Pulitzer in the Daily News' future?

It depends on how much dirt the DHS has stored in the netherworlds of its “abortions for all” policy. But so far, the DN has got the agency on the run and politicians are beginning to take notice.

The day the story about DHS worker Cynthia Brown allegedly pressuring a young girl into getting an abortion ran, “Concilio, the provider agency contracted with DHS, removed the teen and three other children from the home of the foster mother, who spoke out about the case,” says the Daily News this morning.

And not just that, but State Sen. LeAnna Washington, who represents parts of Philly and Montgomery County, then wrote a letter to DHS Commissioner Anne Marie Ambrose saying: “DHS engaged in retaliatory behavior by removing the remaining children in the foster parent's care because of her willingness to disclose unethical practices of the agency,” and said she plans on investigating the allegations. She’s “troubled and concerned that the allegations may prove accurate and of the possibility that an investigation may reveal a systemic practice by DHS of forcing children into unwanted abortions.”

Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell is on the same page. She wants to begin hearings on the matter by the end of next week. She claims her constituents tell her staffers they feel “threatened” by DHS. Threatened!

To top things off, the birth mother of the young girl told the DN she wasn’t notified by DHS officials that her daughter had been removed from the foster home. In the words of Charlie Brown: “Good grief!”

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1. Anonymous said... on May 7, 2010 at 03:59PM

“umm, "forcing children into unwanted abortions?.” Isn't there a bigger issue here with what's going on BEFOREHAND? i.e. pregnant children?”


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