Damn Those Alleged Terrorists Clogging Up Philly Courts

By Randy LoBasso
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The Daily Beast recently ranked Philadelphia the sixth craziest city in the United States. Two bizarre court cases show they may be onto something. Pennsburg woman Colleen LaRose aka ‘Jihad Jane’, sporting some blond corn rows, pleaded not guilty to four federal charges in Philly court yesterday: Conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, lying to the FBI, conspiracy to kill in a foreign country and attempted identity theft. The ‘conspiracy to kill’ charge is in response to a plot to head over to the Netherlands and murder the Dutch cartoonist Lars Vilks. Vilks’ satirical drawings of Mohammad as a dog drew controversy and an al Qaeda-sponsored $100,000 reward for the artist’s dead body in 2007 (and a $50,000 bonus if the person who killed him had his throat slit).

Jihad Jane, a supposed al Qaeda groupie, spent much of her terror-plotting time online and was arrested after leaving the United States and meeting with co-conspirators in Ireland. She was arrested at Philadelphia International upon her Oct. 15 return.

The second trial involved the Khyber Pass’ former manager (and son of the former owner) and potential thrown heads. In a Chicago court, one-time Philadelphian David Coleman Headley admitted connection to a second, unrelated plot to sever the heads of employees of a Danish newspaper which published anti-Mohammad cartoons. Headley was apparently working with Ilyas Kashmiri, a Pakistani terrorist who, according to Headley, wanted several newspaper employees’ heads tossed from the newspaper office. Headley is currently being tried, and is apparently cooperating with authorities because he’s also accused of involvement in the Mumbai, India attacks of November 2008, which killed 168 people. The Inquirer reported Headley-taken photographs and video were used by the terrorists who shot up and bombed sites across the Indian city.

Headley was arrested in a Frankfurt, Germany, airport in 1988 on his way back to Philadelphia. Customs agents found two kilos’ worth of heroin from Pakistan on him. Headley, whose name was then Daood Gilani, agreed to work with American DEA agents as a drug informant and helped set up and entice others to get involved in what would become sting operations.

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1. Anonymous said... on Mar 19, 2010 at 11:25AM

“You have written perfectly about the background and what is going on
with these trials, but to what end? Even as a liberal columnist, you
couldn't possibly think these people didn't do what they're accused of.
They are terrorists(American or foreign) and should never see the light
of day.”

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2. Question Mark said... on Mar 20, 2010 at 08:42PM

“What was the point?”


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