Corbett to PA: No Health Care For You!

By Randy LoBasso
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Our attorney general, Tom Corbett, says he plans to join a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the federal health-care plan passed Sunday and signed into law today, WHYY reports. If successful, Pennsylvanians will not receive the benefits – or, depending on your point of view, the national socialist death sentence – of the fresh-off-Capitol Hill health-care legislation.

Attorney General Corbett has added the Keystone State to a list of other progressive utopias opposing the historic legislation. They include Utah, Texas, South Dakota, North Dakota, South Carolina, Nebraska, Alabama, Washington and Florida.

Not surprisingly, Corbett plans to run for governor in the Republican primary against state Rep. Sam Rohrer (R-Berks). According to Corbett’s spokesman, his intentions have nothing to do with partisan politics, but are instead intended to “'protect the citizens of Pennsylvania whose rights will be violated when health-care reform is signed into law," as reported by the Allentown Morning Call.

Gov. Rendell, in a rare moment of clarity, called Corbett’s power grab “an extraordinary waste of time.” The argument for suing, The Christian Science Monitor reports, is that the law exceeds Congress’ power to regulate commerce. Rendell argues the federal supremacy clause trumps states’ rights in this instance, but admits there’s nothing he can do to stop Corbett’s fight for his interpretation of the Constitution. Guv Ed told WHYY: “It's a waste of taxpayers' money, and it is nothing more than political grandstanding.”

Corbett joins a horde of Republican lynchmob politicians, entertainers and so-called Tea Patriots who’ve spent the last nine months whining and screaming about legislation, with some claiming insuring 32 million Americans “will do more damage than 9/11,” seniors will “die sooner,” and that health care is the “crown jewel of socialism.”

PhillyNow’s calls to the Attorney General’s Office were not immediately returned.

President Obama’s ink officially put in place provisions designed to lower insurance rates, give small businesses tax credits, make it illegal for Americans to be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions and, according to CBO reports, cut the federal deficit over the next decade. A great graphic explanation on how the health-care overhaul could effect individuals and businesses can be found on the New York Times’ website.

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1. Kirk said... on Mar 23, 2010 at 12:46PM

“Wow...what hypocrisy. Fast Eddy think's it's a waste of time for the states to sue to prevent the federal government from abusing its power? Of course the multi-trillion dollar, unconstitutional power grab known as Obamacare isn't a waste of taxpayer money at all is it? Socialism is expensive because of bloated governmental inefficiencies. Spending a little time to prevent this atrocity is not a waste of time. FIX healthcare, don't gobble it up.”

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2. Mike said... on Mar 23, 2010 at 12:50PM

“Wow, bias much? I'm about as liberal as they come, but this piece is disgusting.”

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3. Poster Nutbag said... on Mar 23, 2010 at 12:56PM

“my letter to the aforementioned asshole:

Attorney General Corbett,

I am writing this letter in regards you your recent announcement that you are joining a frivolous lawsuit to stop the implementation of the recently signed health care reform bill.

Before you do this, I hope you will take a moment to recognize that you work for us, the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, not the Republican Party and this kind of political grandstanding does not serve the people of this great state.

In November, 2008, Pennsylvanians, and Americans, voted overwhelmingly for President Obama and his policies which included comprehensive health care reform. Now that he is president and the bill is passed, I couldn't be more satisfied with the result because this is what I voted for. I did not vote for the President and his policies only to have 13 Attorneys General come together and sue to stop the implementation of bills passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the President.
cut off.”

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4. Anonymous said... on Mar 23, 2010 at 01:10PM

“i have yet to hear anyone opposing national healthcare suggest a viable alternative. any takers?”

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5. dan casale said... on Mar 23, 2010 at 01:39PM

“i want the bill obama put through, my health insurance went up to 11500.00 a yeaR JUST FOR ME, I CANT AFFORD IT, i pay for your health insurance and i bet you got good insurance, your out of touch my friend! ill neaver vote for you again!!!!!!!!”

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6. j said... on Mar 23, 2010 at 02:35PM

“Obama America has become the land of limited opportunity. The legislation just signed is a huge government program in which one portion of the country pays for another portion of the counttry. It is that simple. Increasing taxes to subsidize healthcare for those who struggle to afford is taking one person's hard earned money and giving it to another. Truth be told, millions of people who cannot affor insurance are in the position because of self induced failures that the rest of us have to pay for. Drug addicts, loosers, lazy people, criminals, irresponsible workers, poor work ethic...Of course there are millions who work hard and struggle to pay. Ultimately, however, most of the free care (medicaid) and most of the subsidies the reform will pay for are those who dont live up to their end of the bargain. In the end, healthcare will now be mediocore, just like any business would if it had capped payments and was forced to do business with clients who dont pay”

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7. Anonymous said... on Mar 23, 2010 at 07:48PM

“nutbag-- thanks I used your letter and forward it signed to the office of aforementioned asshole”

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8. Get Smart said... on Mar 24, 2010 at 07:45AM

I'm surprised PW doesn't favor government takeover of the Newspaper industry.

Think of the job security. Think of the cash flow. Think of how you wouldn't have to think at all--the fed would do it all for you!

They'd even wipe your ass for you. Isn't that what you're after?”


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