Pennsylvania Supports Medical Marijuana

By PW Staff
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Philly NORML reports on a new Quinnipac poll:

Polling shows a total 59% in favor of medical marijuana, with Republicans in favor 49% to 47% against. Democrats are strongly in support with 67% and only 26% against. All regions of PA show above 50% support except Northwest PA, which shows 47% in support. Across all ages, incomes, and college education, medical marijuana remains a "good idea", with lowest polling at 56% for citizens over 55 years of age.

With a sponsor in the PA Senate building support among colleagues in preparation for the introduction of a bill identical to HB 1393, these polling numbers go to show that the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania don't want to see this issue languish - they want action, and our government is responding.

For the full poll and analysis, check out Philly NORML's blog.

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