Nutter Endorses Guy Who Wants Lock Up Mom & Dad

By Randy LoBasso
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Mayor Nutter officially has a dog in this hunt.

Today he endorsed State Sen. Williams for governor, the Inquirer reports. Williams has been a topic of our conversations lately, what with his SB 99 not getting the attention it deserves from the mainstream media. Nutter hasn't spoken of the jail bill regarding this endorsement.

At a press conference at the Science Center in West Philly, Nutter called Williams a "great public servant" and a "unique individual." He was joined by State Sen. Dwight Evans who added a Williams governorship would be "real change, real leadership."

Moments before the official announcement (though Williams confirmed the endorsement last night to PoliticsPA and overtly hinted to it on his Facebook page) Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel released a statement criticizing Williams and Nutter because of the senator's endorsement of school vouchers, which would potentially find taxpayers paying for kids’ private school tuition. Hoeffel wrote, with some truly great passive aggression, we might add:

"I understand the realities of Philadelphia politics. But I am surprised that the Mayor would support a candidate whose primary goal, shared by his principal funders, is to use public money for private school vouchers. I believe that using tax dollars for private school vouchers would greatly weaken public education and would be a direct threat to the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania public schools.”

Williams was asked about Hoeffel’s criticism, which he personally referred to as “scare tactics,” and said, "I guess Mr. Hoeffel and others will make their attempts to box me in on where I stand."

Nutter doesn’t support vouchers, though said of the issue: "I'm not going to allow that to be some sort of wedge between us."

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