MontCo Road Rage Shooter Told To Die, Dies

By Randy LoBasso
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Outside of the occasional shitfaced Pennsylvania turnpike official, there’s one less reason to be scared of being on the road today. Turns out John Yannarell, the MontCo Road Rage suspect (not the father and son team road ragers; another guy), is dead. NBC 10 says the traveling gunman was told to kill himself on online message boards and, like a patriot, he followed orders.

On April 9th, 31-year-old Elizabeth Cox was driving on Route 422 and called 911 to report an aggressive driver. She’d soon find out that same driver had allegedly just used her as moving target practice when a Specter-esque magic bullet bullet pierced her Ford Focus, arm and leg.

Yannarell was set to be in court yesterday morning to defend himself against those shooting allegations as well as “more charges for two additional road rage attacks” (yeah, a serial road rage shooter). But he never showed. Two bench warrants were issued and police began a manhunt, but there would be no dogs picking up scents in the woods or anything from First Blood, because the rager was found in his Gilbertsville home, dead next to a rifle. NBC 10 Locals are Sad (56%), sure, but they’re also Laughing (22%) and Thrilled (13%).

Turns out Yannarell didn’t spend all his time attempting the murder of other motorists. Nope, he also blogged, specifically at Pitch Your Bitch Online, a “members only community of people who have an opinion and want to voice it!” His topic, not surprisingly: “Being single during mid-life; the trials and tribulations!”

We at PhillyNow are quite familiar with the occasional angry, anonymous commenter. Taking a look at Yannarell’s September 2009 posting, looks like he was too. Or at least became familiar as the end came creeping up.

Here's A Treasury of Comments From the Blog (all were posted under username “Anonymous” besides the final comment, which was “Shooter”):

“You fuckin loser, hopefully you will die in jail as someone else's bitch”

“typical cowardly white animal. what a genetic defect from the white race. You are socially inept with people, your neighbors think your crazy and you easily profile a typical cracker a racist, serial killer, pedafile, molestor, Rapist, and sexual predator. Your loser, we should hunt you down and shoot you like turkey. Your are the poster inbred of white America for postal/office shootings. what were trying to accomplish by shooting a female, did your get dick get hurt because a female cut you during commute hours and on top of that she was colored? you deserve to go to jail and you deserve to get an incurable disease from being in jail.”


“Hey JOHN, after you make your bail of $50,000 or so, go to your boat and SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE FUCKING HEAD. Thank you and have a lovely evening,”

“Please Kill Yourself! You are a discgrace to the human race and deserve much worse than you will actually get! I've met you and feel as though I am a lesser person beciase of it. Really, I hated you then, and I hate you now. Please go fuck yourself with a gun and pull the trigger.”

Um, so, yeah. There’s all that.

Yannarell surrendered himself to police the day of the shooting incident, after meeting with his attorney, Saul Soloman. The attorney claims he last talked to the alleged shooter Wednesday to let him know prosecutors were filing more charges “aftering finding and interviewing more victims of earlier road rage indents,” according to a KYW report. According to Soloman, when Yannarell was told of the additional charges, “He was upset.”

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1. G gal said... on Apr 23, 2010 at 10:58AM

“Bringing up his daughter was a little much (in the commment that starts with I HATE YOU...)!”


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