Lower Merion Official Denies Webcam Wrongdoing

By PW Staff
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PC Pro reports that Lynn Matsko, the Lower Merion vice principal at the center of the district's webcam scandal, has denied any wrongdoing. "Lynn Matsko allegedly called 15-year-old Blake Robbins into her office and disciplined him for "improper behaviour" using footage taken through his laptop webcam as evidence. The school is now being sued by Robbins' family, and reading a prepared statement, Matsko gave an emotional response to the allegations. "At no point in time did I have the ability to access any webcam through security-tracking software," said Matsko. "At no time I have ever monitored a student through a laptop webcam, nor have I ever authorised the monitoring of a student through a security-tracking webcam – either at school, or in the home, and I never would." Shortly after Matsko issued her statement, the family responded with one of its own. "Nothing in Ms Matsko's statement is inconsistent with what we stated in our complaint," said Blake Robbins. "Ms Matsko does not deny that she saw a webcam picture and screenshot of Blake in his home; she only denies that she is the one who activated the webcam." The family also claimed that Matsko was not intended to become the centrepiece of the case."

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