Immigration Rally Today in Center City

By Gustavo Martinez
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Daryl Metcalfe thinks Arizona is onto something.

On Tuesday, Metcalfe (R-Butler) unveiled an immigration bill modeled after the one in the Grand Canyon State, citing "mounting taxpayer costs combined with the $1 billion Rendell budget deficit, lost jobs and ever-increasing crime resulting from Pennsylvania’s illegal alien invasion."

While it is unlikely that Shakira or even Ricky Martin will make their way here to decry this bill, as they they did with the one in Arizona, local organizers already plan to rally against it and to push for comprehensive immigration reform at 10 a.m. today outside Sen. Bob Casey's office, 2000 Market St.

Just as in Arizona, Metcalfe's initiative "would provide state and local law enforcement with full authority to apprehend Pennsylvania’s estimated 140,000 illegal aliens and several other sweeping reform measures," his website reads.

What this new proposal tells us is that we need national, comprehensive immigration reform soon, according to Reagan Cooper, executive director of the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition.

"We're spending millions of dollars in different things that don't solve the problem while what we need to overhaul the system itself," she said.

"With a law like this we're just going to see an increase in the racial profiling immigrant communities are a target of," Cooper said.

Metcalfe's efforts are being countered. State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Delaware-Montgomery), who is proposing to separate the state from the federal government when it comes to enforcing immigration laws.

His bill proposes that no Pennsylvania state or local law-enforcement agency has any power or obligation to enforce or investigate an individual's compliance with federal immigration law.

But this proposal would not prevent local authorities from sharing with the INS any relevant immigration information they obtain collateral to an arrest or investigation they do with regard to nonimmigration matters, a concern for local immigrants-rights groups.

"This sharing of information has a great impact in the immigrant communities," Cooper said. "It creates fear of interacting with police, it increases the racial profiling and rolls back the advances of the civil rights movement."

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1. Anthony said... on May 6, 2010 at 10:25AM

“It's hearsay up to this point...I am for legal immigration, not Illegal immigration...The law in AZ only targets illegals who are questioned under the suspicion of a crime...i.e. traffic stop, drinking in public, littering, robbery, drug dealing, abuse...Thats just to name a few ...I mean, we wouldn't want to think about what a pain it would be to wait 5 hours in an Emergency room behind an illegal... You will certainly pay higher property taxes for waving the welcome flag here people...Tell them, do it the proper way, threw the proper channels...Hey, my family did it, Do these illegals want to contribute? It doesn't seem like it. They are sneaky and hidden amongst us like leaches waiting to suck us dry...I tell them,"get legal", learn about our country, our laws, how it works here...Learn what true Democracy is like. I'm sorry but, you cant just "break into" a country... Try breaking into Mexico...For our absolute safety of our citizens we need to protect our boarders.”

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2. Anna said... on May 6, 2010 at 03:04PM

“Anthony, It is obvious that you are not a Hispanic. That is why you really believe that police officers will only stop Hispanics only if they suspect a crime. Please.....this is racial profiling at its' best! I have friends that are citizens, born and raised in the U.S. and get stopped all the time while driving simply because they look "Hispanic". Illegal immigration in not a Hispanic problem, there are as you call them "illegal" Irish, French, Canadians, Africans, in other words many who came on different visas, but never returned home. The only difference is that they don" look "illegal".
Anthony, undocumented people, work, pay taxes, S.S., etc., but they can not receive any benefits like you or me. Many are here because we (the US) invited them to come here and do the work that many "Americans" did not want to do. We let them come over the border every day to work the farms, grow the lettuce, grapes, tomatoes, etc. Now because the economy is bad, they are blamed for EVERyTHING!”

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3. Wendy said... on May 7, 2010 at 07:33AM

“Anthony says let them come "the proper way, through proper channels". If only...did anyone stop to ask why they come here in this manner to begin with? If they could come over "the proper way" don't you think they would rather than put themselves in harms way to cross illegally? They risk life & limb to get here. Weeks of dangerous dessert crossings, lack of food & water, extortion by those who prey on these peoples desperation, etc. Why would anyone go through such an ordeal if it was in their ability to cross legally? To me that is the first matter we need to look into. What are the conditions for these people at home that are so bad that they take such risks? Why is it so difficult for them to go through legal channels to get here? It makes so much more sense for them to be "allowed" to cross in the first place, then we will be aware of who is here, how many, have them be able to get work and pay taxes honestly. Why is it so difficult to make them "legal"? It would solve so much!”

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4. Jeff said... on May 8, 2010 at 07:13AM

“An illegal immigrant is a criminal. Arrest & deport them all. Take your "anchor baby" back to your home country with you. Move quickly, dont let the border gate hit you where the good lord split you!”

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5. Anthony said... on May 8, 2010 at 06:25PM

“I appreciate and have respect for your sympathy...but it's strange to how easy it is for the drug dealers to make it here...and don't you think instead of protesting and blaming the many frustrated Arizonians for trying to get help, they should be fighting for leaner laws against them trying to become legal here?...come in through the back door, then I think it's wrong...try like the many millions who come here and become citizens...I know for a fact going through the proper channels and being determined to follow every step to become legal is available for everyone...and in addition I truly do not believe very many and maybe a few at best pay taxes...unfortunately I know employers who only hire the illegals to skirt around that possibility of paying wage taxes etc...not to mention most do send 85% of their money back to where does the legal American tax payer benefit from all this?...what I see are these areas not being dealt with on any level or by any organization”

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6. GLK said... on May 14, 2010 at 08:18AM

“This bill does not mention race anywhere. The "race card is being pulled again. Many immigrants here today are "white" europeans, "black" africans asian and the mixed race peoples. So to impose race as an issue only points to your lack of intelligence. Illegally living and working in this country only benefits those here willing to exploit cheap labor. Which then angers, rightly so, the native population. Big shocker. But to claim racism is pure ignorance and by virtue of the blanket statement a prejudgement. Its not racist to require a limit of immigrants into any country.”


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