How Philadelphians Can Help Haiti

Hot off the press release

By PW Staff
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Haiti Relief Collaboration
Vivant Art Collection
Haitian Professional of Philadelphia


It has been a difficult night. Many of us are in a state of shock or more fittingly in disbelief. As an business that prides itself in keeping the rich culture of Haiti alive in Philadelphia, myself and the Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia (HPP) send our deepest and most sincere condolences to our Haitian family in our area and around the world.

We have secured a private jumbo jet to transport supplies to Haiti which is leaving in the next 24 - 48hours. We are in need of DOCTORS, NURSES and DONATIONS to go to Haiti in order to provide medical care. Vivant & HPP is currently coordinating with The Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia, the Haitian Clergy of Philadelphia, Beyond Boarders, the Mayor's Office, Temple Haitian Student Association, University of Pennsylvania Haitian Student Association, Congressman Brady's office, Philadelphia Young Democrats, political officials and other Haitian organizations in the surrounding area to devise a plan to provide assistance to Haiti. Frequent updates will be made to the site and so please check back often. In the meantime, if you wish to provide assistance we urge you to do the following:

Supplies Needed
· Make a monetary donation to Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia to the Haitian Relief Fund via
paypal. All funds will go towards purchasing of items that must be bought in Haiti to defray
shipping cost as well as medical supplies.
· Purchase or bring cots and tents that will be instrumental in providing temporary shelter to those
who have been displaced.
· Medical supplies such as band aids, alcohol, peroxide, etc.
· Water and non-perishable food items.
· Generators and Industrial supplies for building will be needed for rebuilding.
· Supplies for children such as diapers, baby clothes, wipes and bottles are of great need as well.
· Call elected officials in your area and ask them to partner with HPP.

Current Drop Off Sites
The Office of State Senator Leanna M.Washington
1555-A Wadsworth Ave.
Philadelphia PA 19150

Leon H. Sullivan Charitable Trust (UPDATED)
5601 Vine Street Unit 9
Philadelphia Pa 19139

Vivant Art Collections (Monetary donations & Medical Supplies Only)
60 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia PA 19106

MLK Day of Service
12PM - 8PM


For further information on how to help, please call Yve-Car Momperousse, Board Chair at 973-280-2307 or Florcy Morisset, Community Development Chair at 310-612-4636. You can also send an email to email or

Press Contact: Please call Alain Joinville, Public Relations Chair at 215-287-7373 to coordinate interviews.

Moving Forward,

Florcy Morisset
Vivant Art Collection

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1. Danielle said... on Jan 14, 2010 at 04:15PM


I would like to donate via paypal, but the website is not loading for me. Is there a direct link to the HPP Paypal account?”

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2. sjeanbap said... on Jan 16, 2010 at 12:18AM

“Danielle - the correct link to the HPP site is:

Thank you for your donation and support !

Stephane Jean-Baptiste”

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3. lin said... on Jan 16, 2010 at 11:36AM

“Is there a drop off sites to drop off sneakers nd shoes or the ones that are shown that Yu can drop off anything?”

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4. Anonymous said... on Jan 19, 2010 at 09:37AM

“For sneakers and shoes drop off sites try and also (Good Luck) I think most of these sites are in Delaware. I called a church and they foward me a name of a restaurant that takes clothing donations.”


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