Gregg Kravitz, Who's Running for Pa. House, Spotted at SundayOUT

By Matt Petrillo
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Being that his district includes much of the Gayborhood, Gregg Kravitz was spotted campaigning around SundayOUT at the Piazza this weekend with his girlfriend.

We ran into the candidate for the 182nd District, and we were more than thrilled to meet the man who could put a member, rather than just an ally, of the LGBTQ community in a House seat.

Kravitz made national headlines last week after his opponent, Rep. Babette Josephs, outed him as straight. We asked Kravitz, who says he is bisexual, about the bizarre allegations.

“She was saying some pretty inflammatory and false things about me,” he said. “But, it’s put a focus on our race, which is hopefully good, and it let me talk about the issues we care about, which is certainly not my sexuality.”

He continued: “I, as an openly bisexual am not responsible for proving my sexuality to my opponent or anyone else in that matter.  I never brought up my sexuality as a qualification, and hope no one would vote for me based on who I am.”

Uh huh. Of course, no one voted for Obama based on the color of his skin.

Kravtiz did admit, however, that while on the campaign trail on some occasions, when speaking about LGBT rights, he did, perhaps, mention he was bisexual.

“It’s something private,” he says. “It’s not something I’ve hidden but it’s not something I’ve advertised.”

While he has no obligation to answer questions regarding his sexuality, the fact that he has already brought it up makes him vulnerable to attack from all sides, which could be damaging to his campaign.

 Kravitz told PhillyNow that he’s been out since “probably college,” so we had to ask: Who do you prefer, guys or girls?

“As a bisexual man, I’m both attracted to men and women, and I’m very attracted to my girlfriend, she’s great,” he said. (His girlfriend, Leah Greenspoon, 28, was standing right there).

I can’t speak for the straight community, but in the LGBTQ community, bisexuals are not the most welcomed people. Gays often believe bisexuals are in a transition stage that will eventually result in complete homosexuality. Bisexuals typically have a preference of who they like being with. It’s like asking someone if they prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Just about everyone is prejudiced to a particular taste.

So, I asked again if he has a preference of guys or girls, and again his declared his impartiality in an ambiguous-but-safe answer.

“…As far as I can remember I have always been attracted to both.”

Is Rep. Josephs onto something? We hope not. We don't have to tell you how wrong it is to exploit the people you seek to serve to gain the political edge.

If anything happens with it, let it be known that we've coined this one Erectiongate.

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1. Anonymous said... on May 4, 2010 at 08:03AM

“ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! For the sake of your article you have pretty much carried down the path that Rep. Josephs went on. A more relevant point to the subject would probably have been to connect it to the recent coming out of stars, such as Anna Paquin, as bisexual, as you stated that bisexuals are not the most welcomed people. You fell prey to the trap you began to talk about. You can not compare feelings to a preference of one ice cream flavor over another. It is much more complicated than that. BTW: I happen to like vanilla and chocolate equally as much, and choose depending on what I'm feeling at that time. However, I am only attracted to men.”

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2. Max the Communist said... on May 7, 2010 at 01:31PM

“"I can't speak for the straight community, but in the LGBTQ community, bisexuals are not the most welcomed people."

No shit, Sherlock. Gays think you can't trust anything a bisexual says. So what would a bisexual candidate--in an opposite sex relationship--stand to gain from the LGBTQ community by being out about his bisexuality? Especially if he has to stand there and take your interrogation into just how "really" bisexual he really is. (Damn. It reminds me of the bisexuals getting kicked out of their softball team by NAGAAA all over again.)

Let's get one thing clear, Matt, as a gay man claiming to speak for the LGBTQ, YOU'RE NOT QUALIFIED to make any judgement on who is really bisexual. As for Josephs "outing" Kravitz as straight, she's just as big an idiot as you are.

WHAT ARE THE ISSUES, Mr. Gay Journalist? What is Kravitz's stand on the issues and how are they different from Joseph's? What about experience--private or public sector? Too boring?!”

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3. JE said... on Jun 15, 2010 at 08:44AM




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