Flyers Owner: Fox News Too Liberal, Time For a New Network

By Randy LoBasso
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This is nice.

Over the weekend, the national media was all over this new thing called RightNetwork, a new right-wing television and Internet media venture. Because, obviously, Fox News is way too liberal.

Web promos for the network have featured has-almost-been actor and producer Kelsey Grammar, who complains of “things that just aren’t right,” which, like clockwork, includes “big government,” “taxes,” “bureaucrats” and “trillion dollar deficits.”

As of yesterday, Comcast didn’t say whether or not it would pick up and distribute the network, but its company blog wrote “we have no partnership” with RightNetwork and “have no plans to launch or distribute the network.”

But, surprise! Old man Ed Snider, owner of the Philadelphia Flyers (and chairman of Comcast Spectator) says he’s a major investor in the project.

According to Will Bunch over at the Daily News, Snider has a long history of funding such projects and is “a longtime backer of programs related to the iconic libertarian philosopher-novelist Ayn Rand, has been more public in his support of conservative causes in recent years.”

“He was a major donor to a now-defunct group called Freedom's Watch that supported the anti-terrorism and Middle East policies of then-President George W. Bush, and his decision to invite then-GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin to drop the puck at the Flyers' 2008 home opener drew a mix of cheers and boos," writes Bunch.

The channel is already slated to include a reality show about six candidates running for office and something called “Politics and Poker” starring right wing psychotic ACORN pimp pimper, Andrew Breitbart.

Comcast, which is finalizing a deal to own NBC Universal, says it’s not an investor in RightNetwork and Snider’s investment is a personal one.

We think this should be a good investment because as Fox News' cable status shows, conservatives spend a hell of a lot of time plopped in front of the television and truly enjoy getting the crap scared out of them by millionaire talking heads who repeat buzzwords while wimpering. And as overheard at the LOVE Park Tea Party last week, Fox News really is the fairest, most balanced news network (yes, that was actually overheard) so it shouldn't be difficult to get them to at least tune in during commercials (at first).

Seemingly, all Snider’s network needs to do is add more crybabies, make use of more 1950s propagandous fear terms and scroll more misleading headlines across the bottom of the screen leading the viewer toward conclusions he or she has already made.

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1. j davis said... on Apr 20, 2010 at 03:31PM

“Great! Another rich follower of the sociopathic 'philosophy' of sociopath Ayn Rand. As if Beck and the other whackaloons at faux news aren't enough!”

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2. Anonymous said... on Apr 20, 2010 at 05:40PM

“Knew there was more than one reason to disdain the Flyers. Knew it!”

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3. Anonymous said... on Apr 20, 2010 at 08:49PM

“Wow, talk about a "fair and balanced" piece of 'journalism' right here. How your disgusting anti-American 'Opinions" even get published is beyond disgraceful. Next time try and keep your pure hatred for anything non-Liberal out of your writings, especially when it makes you come off like a complete leftist douche-bag. Your style of writing and thought process gives all of us Liberals a bad name. You should apply for a job at msnbc, they love commies like you.”

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4. Melinda said... on Apr 22, 2010 at 11:48PM

“We have a hundred lefty news channels and you're upset that we will have a second news channel that is is on the other side of the spectrum? The author of this article is another example of the leftest bias in the media.”


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