Former Eagle Jon Runyan Is Going To Be Even Awesomer In Congress

By Randy LoBasso
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Former Philadelphia Eagle Jon Runyan is running for U.S. congress. His campaign posters' colors are green, black and white. He’s already been endorsed by the Ocean County Republicans, Camden County Republican Party Chairman Rick DeMichelle and Cherry Hill Republican Municipal Chairman Rich Ambrosino. His "kickoff party" is tonight in Mount Laurel.

The Sports Illustrated-named second dirtiest NFL player will secure the Republican nomination and run for New Jersey’s 3rd District (which extends from Philly's suburbs to the shore) against freshman representative John Adler in the fall. Yesterday, Runyan spoke with Inquirer and Press of AC reporters on his issues. The former O-liner believes the following as it relates to his earning a spot amongst Washington D.C.’s garbage heap:

Government spending is bad, except for the military (obviously) and “legitimate” projects he cannot yet name.

Gay marriage is bad.

Abortion is OK, but only “with a lot of restrictions.” He wants to make getting an abortion “as hard as possible.”

On health care, Runyan supports the canard that says allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines will somehow lower rates. (This argument, though repeated often, rarely takes into account that states will compete for business with more lax tax laws and friendly regulations. The country's health-care rules will eventually be written by the state with the friendliest rules -- exactly the opposite of what’s being done to stop companies from denying patients with pre-existing conditions.) “Everything that the government has touched, with Social Security and Medicare, is a wreck,” he said, regarding current legislation's historical chances of succeeding.

High unemployment is partially due to companies being scared of health-care reform – though he didn’t say whether or not unemployment would fall if reform gets flushed.

He’s way into nuclear power and beach replenishment, though wouldn’t say whether or not he’d spend money on the latter.

On the bright side, Runyan agrees financial deregulation was a huge part of the banking collapse and supports the creation of a consumer-protection agency.

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1. Anonymous said... on Oct 11, 2010 at 02:24PM

“Other "legitimate" projects he can not yet name? Sounds like a lying sack of shit! What one man calls legitimate another calls retarded. Also you need to consider the possibility that the republicans are just using Jon Runyan with his local football career to get another puppet into office.”

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2. Lisa E said... on Oct 26, 2010 at 04:38PM

“this guy is a joke... jon runyan you will not get my vote!”


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