Cowboys Fan Says She Was Singled Out By TSA For Search

By PW Staff
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Enrico at takes note of reporting that a woman claims TSA officials gave her an extra-intense security screening for wearing her Dallas Cowboys jersey to the Philadelphia airport. "Some nitwit Cowboys fan thought it'd be a swell idea to wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey in Philadelphia. Then she got patted down at a security checkpoint at the airport and suspects it was due to the fact she was wearing said Cowboys jersey. The young lady, mother of three, says, "people need to understand that you can't joke in this day in age with people around the world that are trying to hurt us as Americans and you just can't joke about that." But you can always joke about being a Cowboys fan. To me this seems like such a non story. TSA officials can basically decide to pat you down for looking at them funny. Also, if you decide to show some chutzpa and wear your Cowboys jersey in Philadelphia, you must be 100% assured that people will make snide comments about it. I think it may be written in the city's bylaws."

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1. RogueRon said... on Feb 19, 2010 at 01:24PM

“This is why many people in the Philly area hate the Eagles fans. Its because of a lamebrained mentality regarding some sort of misplaced hatred against the Dallas Cowboys. When I was growing up, there were rivalries between Philly and other teams. Today, the hatred of Dallas is just another indication of why Pro sports, especialy in the Philly area, is irrelevant. When rivalries turns into misguided action by some Philly TSA employees, its time to turn off all pro sports.”


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