College (Flash Mob) Humor

By Randy LoBasso
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It was a recipe for disaster: planned on Facebook, involving teenage kids and 20-something year-olds, a public place, in Philadelphia. That – now – means one thing and one thing only.

But it was April Fool’s and Drexel University students, about 500-600 of them, descended on 30th Street Station for their own take on the flash mob. At 6:30 last night, they all froze in place for three minutes.

The Inquirer reports that the “happening,” if you will, originally involved 1,300 students (at least that many had participated in the Facebook group titled “30th Street Station Freeze”) was sponsored by the Drexel Flash Mob and local improv group Stealthy Elephant, according to the Facebook page, and featured a positive message. One participant wrote, “As long as everyone stays nonviolent, we can show the world that Philly can still have fun…Other flash mobs have recently given us a bad name—let's change that.”

Once the clock hit 6:33, the massive crowd erupted in applause.

Professional video of the event is available here.

Nice work, kids. You’ve got PhillyNow’s vote of confidence.

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1. arts4change said... on Apr 2, 2010 at 10:28AM

“spontaneous peaceful demonstrations should be applauded. kudos to the drexel kids who made a statement about the violent teen flash mobs! let's see more philly groups take back our city. we don't have to be known as a city of poverty, violence, drugs, and death. we can shape our identity! peaceful flash mobs unite!”

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2. Gabriel dos Santos said... on Apr 2, 2010 at 01:43PM

“I'm not completely aware of the situation in Philadelphia, but I don't believe that those who participate in these "violent flash mobs" are the same people who participate in "random-happenstance-based flash mobs".

Flash mobs were always about rapidly grouping, having harmless fun and spreading away. No more than that.

Thus, even though these violent ocurrings happen in a somehow similar way to flash mobs, they shouldn't be regarded as flash mobs. You see there are two quite different concepts there? Gather people to have fun and laugh, or gather people to fight?

Those are not flash mobs. They are just events in which a lot of people get together to hit each other.”

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3. Anonymous said... on Apr 2, 2010 at 02:44PM

“Thanks for the information, I heard this was going on, but I
didn't know what it was about.”


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