Bored of Sestak-Specter-Toomey Yet? Not Us

By Randy LoBasso
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Joe Sestak is still doing this whole “I want to be a senator” thing.

He and Pat Toomey, the likely Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate, debated at LaSalle University last night, which is sort of exciting (in that something happened, somewhere). That new pinko liberal Arlen Specter couldn’t make it, but Sestak, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to give this thing up. 

This is what the talking points discussed last night come down to: Toomey will work to repeal health care and Sestak won’t. Toomey’s into lowering taxes and domestic drilling, he says, and Sestak believes we should lower taxes on the working class. “Main Street, not Wall Street,” reduce federal spending…Blah blah blah.

We've heard this before. But here’s what's sort of cool: The ridiculous wonky political gossip surrounding the race!

Get this: Former bigot Sen. Rick Santorum was hangin’ down in the Big Easy this weekend at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference and let out a juicy little tidbit. He told an audience: “The reason I endorsed Arlen Specter [in 2004] is because we were going to have two Supreme Court nominees coming up...I got a commitment from Arlen Specter that no matter who George W. Bush would nominate, he would support that nominee.”

That led Sestak to release a statement dissing Grandpa Specter over Santorum’s claim that Specter was once a Republican, and did things all Republicans do. Specter then gave Santorum a boot to the face, literarily speaking. He denied Uncle Rick’s proclamation and insinuated it all had to do with the universally despised former senator’s presidential aspirations in his own statement: “I would never make a promise on a vote like this under any circumstances. I'm sorry his support for me has caused him trouble in his efforts for the Republican nomination for president.” Damn!

Meanwhile, neither Sestak nor the White House wants to talk about Sestak’s once-claim that he was (illegally?) offered a spot in the Obama administration to stay out of the race. And Darrell Issa, a California Republican who spends much of his time sitting in tightly coiled piles on the floors of dark caves, wants to open a politically motivated investigation into the matter.

Specter leads Sestak in every poll, by about 20 points. Toomey leads Specter by about eight points. And weirdest of all, Specter switched parties just so he wouldn’t have to deal with this whole “losing” thing. Oh well.

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1. Dan said... on Apr 15, 2010 at 05:52PM

“Rick Santorum is not a bigot. You just are intolerant of his views, just like all liberals are. I am proud to change to a Republican from Democrat after 10 years because the Democrats want to change everything that makes America great & become more like the rest of the world. They are intolerant, especially when they ridicules conservative women & minorities.

Go Pat Toomey!”


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