Specter Summons An Injured Phillie For Campaign

By Randy LoBasso
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So, what do you do when you’ve got the entire Democratic machine behind you, the only guy in your opponent’s corner is some dude (Joe Sestak) who once ran for office in Connecticut and you’re still increasingly falling in the polls? You bring in the big guns—ball players.

That’s Arlen Specter’s latest stunt. He’s featuring J-Roll on his robo-calls around Philadelphia. And not surprisingly, the disabled-listed shortstop is using ridiculous sports clichés to endorse the former-Republican-current-tyrannical-communist, according to the Inky.

“Senator Specter has proven he’s on our team,” Rollins tells a Philadelphia front-running audience for which the call was produced. Specter, like the Phillies, is also a “champion,” says J-Roll. He “helped keep vital services in our city” and—this part is true—"had an important role in the passage of President Obama’s healthcare bill."

It’s been a strange few weeks for Arlen. In a nod to his former Republican colleagues, he released an ad attempting to slime his opponent’s military service. This came on the heels of a Rasmussen poll showing him up by only two points (though this was the only poll showing a remote closeness such as this) – with both candidates under 50 percent, often a telltale sign of the incumbent’s career making peace with its estranged father.

Then we got the Specter-Sestak Twitter bitch fight, in which candidates attacked each other on “The Twitters” the same way they did over the weekend during their little debate: Passive-aggressively. And now, two polls are showing Sestak closing the gap on old man Lenin. Quinnipiac University’s latest poll shows Specter over Sestak 47-39 and a Muhlenberg/Morning Call poll shows Specter up only 46-42.

The only way to settle this is for Sestak to get Werth for his own campaign. Whoever wins the Philly vote, his player gets a contract extension at the end of the year. 

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