76ers' Dalembert Returns From Haiti

By PW Staff
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ESPN reports that 76ers' center Samuel Dalembert was devastated by the destruction he saw his native Haiti: "He cries talking about what he found there. For instance children without parents, wandering in desperation. 'I saw somebody's leg amputated in front of me. Surgeries performed on a kitchen table ... I'm talking about a folding kitchen table ... I have some disturbing pictures. And it hurts. ... There was no surgery room ... You heard him screaming. ... Not enough alcohol. Things we take for granted, you know. They try to make one bottle of alcohol last.. 'As for the people he met in Haiti, Dalembert says: "I salute all of them. ... All I see is they're still trying to find all the bodies. You still see people holding strong. They're still finding bodies after the first earthquake and people are still holding strong, man. That tells you a lot about us, man. We're out there holding strong.'

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