Election 2012: Stalking Mitt Romney, Part III

By Randy LoBasso
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Within hours of the first presidential debate, the Drudge Report led with a headline they’d likely been waiting on since election season began: “Uh O.” And within days, it was apparent that President Obama’s weak debate performance had narrowed his lead in polls nationally, exposing his soft support in places like Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nevada, and, yes, Pennsylvania. A Siena College poll of the commonwealth found the race at 43-40, Obama. The often-Republican-leaning Susquehanna Polling and Research found Obama leading 47-45. Poll aggregator Real Clear Politics moved Pennsylvania to “toss up” status in their election map. By Monday, Fox News had introduced a new, hilarious-yet-scary electoral prediction map, showing Romney beating Obama on Nov. 6, 336 electoral votes to 202. They included Pennsylvania in the Romney column.

Is it possible? Romney hasn’t campaigned here much in the past few months, other than attending private fundraisers and one public rally he may have been shamed into by the state Republican Party. Polls have shown him far, far behind until his current national surge. And he no longer runs ads in Pennsylvania.

The RNC’s state communications director, Billy Pitman, says the party’s knocked on more doors—in Philly and throughout the commonwealth—than it has since 2000. “I just passed three-and-a-half-million voter contacts” statewide, he says. “We’ve just been focused on everywhere—Philadelphia, the suburbs ... After the debate, we saw significant uptake in activity, either in folks walking into the offices to sign up to make phone calls or go door-to-door or look for a yard sign or a bumper sticker.”

Television ads, though, are another story. Will we see Romney’s gleaming pearly-whites return to Pennsylvania airwaves for the first time since summer? “We don’t reveal any of our ad strategies,” Pitman demurs. “We don’t release any data that targeted.”

The Obama campaign certainly isn’t blinking; however legit Romney’s post- debate bounce may be, the fact remains that Obama has more than double the number of Pa. offices as Romney—and 10 Philly offices compared to Romney’s single one. (“We will let our ground game here in Pennsylvania speak for itself,” offers Obama campaign spokeswoman Devora Kaye.) And according to a Daily Caller report from last week, the Romney campaign is still quietly shifting its resources from Pennsylvania to Ohio.

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1. Anonymous said... on Oct 17, 2012 at 11:29AM

“All my family and friends plan to vote for Romney.....he will make a great
President and Ryan will be a great VP.....We need this type of leadership
For United States of America.

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2. Anonymous said... on Oct 17, 2012 at 12:19PM

“Heaven help us if President Obama gets reelected. I don't think our economy will ever be able to recover after another 4 more years of his legacy. I'm so sorry I voted for him in the last election. I won't make the same mistake this year”

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3. Anonymous said... on Oct 17, 2012 at 01:26PM

““All my family and friends plan to vote for Romney.....he will make a great
President and Ryan will be a great VP.....We need this type of leadership
For United States of America.

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4. Jonathan said... on Oct 17, 2012 at 03:04PM

“Dear Anonymous,

I assume you are a robot, speaking on behalf (paid?) of the Romney campaign. Otherwise you wouldn't say the exact same thing twice (with the same spelling mistakes). Can you please explain why you wouldn't want REAL people to weigh in, would it be because the candidate (and his millionaire backers funding you) really doesn't ahve the support of REAL working people?”

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5. Anonymous said... on Oct 17, 2012 at 03:36PM

“Agree with Jonathan!!!”

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6. Rudy Gonzales said... on Oct 17, 2012 at 09:19PM

“The Romney camp have been trying to paint the president they way they want him to be seen. But, look at what the president has accomplished even against the headwinds of the confrontational TEA-Republican's, the toxic talking heads and the FOX-hole. There has been an uptick in personal finance, a surge in optimism and a steady increase in jobs production. Obama saved the country from another Great Depression, rebuilt the auto industry, reformed healthcare, reformed Wall Street, doubled the stock market, created 12 straight quarters of GDP growth, created 30 straight months of private sector job growth, got the big fish Bin Laden(no pun intended), got Gaddafi, and got us out of Iraq. And Obama did all this with no help at all from the TEA-Republican controlled House. Mitt Romney was called, by Obama, on everything and the white boy could not get over it. Obama has the cahunas to do what he can through presidential decree since the "leading as a pack" TEA-Republican's of the House try to shut down any positive spin for Obama as they vowed on Obama's inauguration.”

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7. Nicole said... on Oct 18, 2012 at 12:03PM

“Did anyone see Obama and Romney's notes from the debate? LOL! http://hollywoodleek.com/2012/10/obama-and-romneys-notes-from-presidential-debate/”

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8. ernie cpa said... on Oct 19, 2012 at 03:04PM

“I voted for McCain in 2008. He was an OK guy. This year I will vote for Obama. Romney is too unpredictable to have his as a president

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9. Rhonda said... on Oct 19, 2012 at 05:29PM

“We can't afford another four years of Obama. Besides, nothing he's done (or not done) is indicative of someone wanting another four years. He's going through the motions for the Democratic party, but in his pea-brain head, he's already sitting in Hawaii drawing a free paycheck for the rest of his life. Think about it.”

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10. Anonymous said... on Oct 22, 2012 at 09:07AM

“Jonathan, Where did you go to school?”

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11. Marcus Washington said... on Oct 23, 2012 at 06:23AM


A presidential candidate is usually never one of the people. Obama is also out of touch. Obama got elected to senate and before that he was a non-tenured law professor. That has nothing to do with the regular guy. His view of The United States is sub-par. His father was a student from East Africa and his mother was a socialist. His core values can not be with the type of american that made this country great. He doesn't respect the manner in which one becomes a citizen, that way your grandparents or great grandparents got here and obtained it properly. He does not respect the military that we or all the way back to our grandfather fathers fought from WWII to present day. The federal government is the largest it has ever been. This is NOT what the US was founded on.
Q: Are you an American or a leach?


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