Q&A: "Dirty Wars" Author Jeremy Scahill

By Randy LoBasso
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There wasn’t really any initial discussion regarding drone strikes or our moving into any country we wanted in the first place.

Right. So, recently there were two hearings on the kill program, including one that had a young Yemeni guy testify, whose family’s village was bombed six days before he testified before the Senate. I think we’re at the beginning of a conversation right now, but we need more of it. And we need people that are actually credible, serious lawmakers to take this on as an issue and demand answers.

How do you get on a kill list? How do you get off a kill list? How do you surrender when you haven’t been charged with a crime? How do you surrender to a drone? These are questions that I think too few Democrats are asking. Ron Wyden of Oregon is one of the few that I think is doing good work on this and trying to push for answers. But I think we need more people like that, who come from the base of the president’s own party, to ask the president questions.

Your principles are defined when the people you like are in power far more than when the people you despise are in power. Because then you have to actually debate the principle of it—not just the personality. 

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