A Couple Recalls Many Troubles on Their Former South Philly Block

By Tara Murtha
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“It got to be too much,” says Michael. They moved to Ardmore.

“I think that the real problem is apathy,” says Lisa. “But I wonder if the police just felt helpless and hopeless, too.”

Meanwhile, the Galls wonder how inevitable Hardy’s murder charge was, and how the constant stress and drama of the block grinded down Hardy the way it had on them.

Hardy, who was already on probation for theft at the time of Fox’s death, is in jail awaiting preliminary hearing on Aug. 21. According to court records, he owes $424.50 in court fees.

The Breakdown is written by senior writer Tara Murtha, who regularly reports on urban violence, policy, gender issues and any other social-justice issue we can think of.

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1. Fox said... on Jul 25, 2012 at 10:40AM

“Good article up until you quoted Ray Evers. Yeah, let me take the advice of a rapist and immature goon.”

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2. Dumb Hipsters said... on Jul 26, 2012 at 08:12AM

“What do hipsters think there "neighborhood gods" no there the neighborhood ASSHOLES who try to dictate how you should live, breath, eat and vote waht car to ride, bicycle rules, trash polioe and fucking rats , FUCK YOU all and go back to were the fuck you come forth.”

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3. lloyd burrows said... on Jul 28, 2012 at 04:19PM

“That's some pretty bad grammar, DH. Maybe you should go back to school and pay attention this time.”

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4. Anonymous said... on Jul 31, 2012 at 11:12AM

“Yes, that stretch between Tasker and Morris on 7th St. is quite unsavory, yet, the Galls let their guard down. Although they thought they were doing the right thing by helping Hardy, he set them up from the jump...they let a CRACKHEAD work them over. Very sad.

And regarding the police, I wish they'd do weekly sweeps and clear the degenerates from that areas. Also, there are several businesses that allow these folks to congregate in and outside thus making it much harder to clean up the neighborhood.

Lastly, the politicians need to get involved but it's NOT going to happen because that area is considered an 'INVISIBLE NEIGHBORHOOD'. When are they going to help the concerned constituents clean-up the 1st Ward-12th Division/ PA Rep.175th?”


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